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Unboxing the brand new Xbox One X from Microsoft. The Xbox One X is the latest console from Microsoft and the first Xbox to feature support for 4K gaming. Since this unboxing features an early review edition of the Xbox One X I can’t show gameplay yet but that will be coming soon. Will you be picking up an Xbox One X, sticking to an older Xbox or are you more of a PS4 guy?


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  1. I hate the No Power Brick. I tell you why . Internal Power supply generates a lot of heat. that goes in the game system. Extreme amount of heat is disgusting.. have a harder time to release all that heat. got to get rid of it some how not all of it. .What they do is put a masive amout of holed to try to vent that heat out. The same time forget to put screens in the vents That invites roaches and kill power supply. and kill the motherboard at the same time. once your dead with roaches its over. no repair.. Also lets say Roaches is not the cause to kill the internal power supply. A death of a internal power supply can be cause by heat and using the wrong parts.. INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY CANNOT BE REPLACED.. WHEN IT STARTS GOING BAD YOU WILL HEAR A CRACKING NOISE THEN A BOOM LIKE A RUBBER BALLOON POP. That what happened to my PS4 Power Supply. I am not going to call SCEA to fix my PS4 The price for the repair is so stupid expensive. External Power Supply is the best. it last heck of a lot long. the heat from the power supply will not go in to the game system Replacement of a External Power Supply can be done. That is why Gaming Notebooks comes with external power supply. Power Supply creates extreme amount of heat. I f u c k i n g hate that heat in my game system. with a roach problem the repair is void. no refund on repair. pay up in front. pay send it in. then they will send you a letter you got roaches your serial number is void, So I pay to send it in to SCEA or MICROSOFT plus the repair bill. and pay up front for the shipping charges to send it back to you. ASUS charge dumping fee $200.00 on that DOA X299 RAMPAGE VI EXTREME. I did not pay for the repair for my PS4 . SCEA LOST A CUSTOMER. THE POWER SUPPLY IS WORTH $3.00 IN CHINA THEN SELL IT $150.00 No wonder the power supply exploded. Better off going GAMESTOP buy a used XBOX ONE. the black one just before they changed to XBOX ONE S. THEN GO TO MICROSOFT STORE AND ORDER THE POWER SUPPLY BRICK. THAT DOSE MATCH WHAT KIND OF XBOX ONE YOU GOT. i AM NOT BUYING A GAME SYSTEM WITH A INTERNAL POWER SUPPLY. NOT DESIGNED TO BE REPLACED/ EXTERNAL YES IT CAN

  2. Wait so did he buy this or was he sent this? Also if i buy the Xbox One X from Microsoft directly do i get the packaging like he did with the game codes and PE2 or was that just because he got it? Thanks in advanced.

  3. FYI it's not pure 4k yet!!! System , don't have 1080 GTS card inside , it got less than 1080 graphics card inside it!!!!!!!!!! Do some research and then let the world know……


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