Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain destroys the myth that women were exploited and oppressed throughout history…

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/stefan-molyneux/women-were-not-exploited-throughout-history

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Comment (39)

  1. my former gf has a Ph.D. in the science field and three daughters all with college degrees a million dollar plus home. She was always complaining about white male privilege I have a hs education…I had to get out of that environment after 10 yrs.

  2. According to the philosophical template of the garden story, Eve was created out of Adam for Adam as a helper to Adam. Then the devil used sexuality and feminism to beguile eve, launching humanity into the fallen world where everything is upside down – good is bad, bad is good and men serve women instead of women serving men.

  3. I recently read a blog comment by a white female blogger in Japan, which everyone assumes to be a patriarchal society, which said that some Japanese women corrected her and said their society is actually matriarchal. Their traditional culture of men being worked to death while women stay at home to raise the kids is only that way because the women are actually in control. What a shocker.

    In the same blog the original author states that a Japanese woman he dated told him quite plainly that he was lucky to be dating her, because a lot of men would pay good money for what he was getting for free. The rise in male virgins and declining birth rates in Japan is basically a silent male revolt against the status quo.

  4. The truth is resources have historically always been scarce making exploitation a viable option where men were given land and voting rights. That unequal access has been largely been eradicated giving women other economic venues other than marriage. Such financial independence means less women are marrying and are happier for it. However, the same cannot be said for men. Married men are healthier and happier than single men. With less women willing to marry, is there likely going to be more angry men expressing vitriol directed at women…is this video an example of such anger?

  5. I wonder if their ate studies around the capabilities of a woman to be a good mother and a dedicated employee. Usually motherhood suffers when a vigorous career is pursued.

  6. I’m pretty much behind most of what you’re saying, but I’m going to point out that sexual dimorphism seems to come predominantly from male sexual competition. Dimorphism is greater in species with more violent competition for access to females. So, I don’t think men being larger and stronger is particularly great support for the idea that women were not exploited for labour. It’s not evidence to the contrary, either, of course – I think it’s just probably not hugely relevant.

  7. Also look at generational survival in patriarchal (agricultural) societies. Women had 1 in 4 chance of having a descendant alive today, vs men's chance of 1 in 14. This is vs a 1 in 7 chance that both would have as hunter-gatherers.

  8. The past 25 years has filled me with resentment towards women and it's just ramped up over the last decade. Don't get me started on the doubts that I have for my interracial friendships.

  9. Yea..let's go back to are collective third world state by getting rid f all first world resources. I'm sure this will make women better off.

  10. not true………….
    elder woman out numbered men due to an excess of physical conflict with in men incited through lack of negotiation/market.. woman had no choice but to fill "male roles"..
    u were as desirable as yr fucking and fighting skills

    ………….. food was far more available before the retardation of agriculture came into being.. nut trees provided 100s of years of output and required next to nothing to maintain..

    hunger=plant more trees… that simple

  11. The New World Order have duped women into trading marriage, love, family & joy for workforce, taxes, and stress. The Rockefellers were the force behind the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s in order to introduce the 2-income (tax-paying) household. Now, it's almost impossible for 1 parent to work outside the home & support the entire family. Thanks, New World Order!!!….we're all out here working for Federal Reserve Notes.

    ♠ BTW, Hillary could have NEVER just stayed home & baked cookies—-there are too many people who need her assistance in suiciding themselves in Arkansas & D.C. 😉

  12. Bible: "Better to live on the edge of your roof than in a house with a brawling woman."

    Not Bible: "if you have a brawling woman, slap some sense into her, or kick her to the curb like the worthless slave she is."

  13. I think some women have somewhat of an argument that women couldnt vote utnil recently, but times were different. People couldnt vote for a long time. And i dont think men have actively worked to oppress women through ought history, just people have done a lot of bad things to other people, some men some women, the feminists only care about the bad stuff that ever happened to women.

  14. I think God allowed this second age of man made governments so men can understand that there are differences. Simply being clothed, fed, sheltered, does not feed the soul, there must be freedom to consent or not. Socialism/Communism destroys the free will of the individuals involved. There is a capitalist way with consent of the governed where freedom to consent or not, is protected by everyone involved, whenever possible, and that is the Biblically instructed way. Marriages are supposed to be a consensual agreement for one man to be the head of his family and the woman consents to join him with common goals. Through Jesus Christ, under God, that is the extent of government ~ one's own family. The churches teaching against preventative birth control, (which did not exist for a long time), and teaching sex on demand with their husbands, and against divorce, took away this consensual agreement through extreme pressure. Preventative birth control has added a freedom that women did not have for many centuries. Preventing an egg from conception is not equal to killing the conceived person.

  15. This is the greatest takedown of "the patriarchy" ever done on youtube. The arguments presented in this video are common sense and easy to understand and yet so powerful. Thank you.


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