Why are LA schools in crisis?

Teachers are threatening to strike in Los Angeles. Test scores are plummeting. The school district is broke. What has happened to the Golden State?

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  1. All people of all races truly do better when White people are around. The problem is that White people are disappearing not only in Los Angeles, but also in all previously majority White nations. When all of the White people are gone, the earth will revert back to a human population of one billion or less.

  2. this is what democrats want for all white countries. To be non white.
    it's irrelevant if there is poverty. They don't care. To them a 3rd world hell hole is preferable to a successful white nation.

  3. The cities and towns that are mostly in debt and falling apart are the ones where mainly white people abandoned. That's what I've noticed. Newark, used to be a successful city in New Jersey, until all the whites abandoned it and left it to the minorities who have no idea how to take care of their own City. My boyfriend goes to college there and there are black people withdrawing on the streets, going crazy, and I don't go a day walking through that city without seeing an African American litter and throw trash on the ground. I swear. They just throw water bottles and wrappers straight on the fucking ground. It makes me want to yell at them. I don't understand how theyre oppressed.. they have so many libraries available to them, free internet in so many places, free education, are given so much opportunity, and have so much potential

  4. My children are in a top school, which was 70% European and then it went Asian, Spanish and Black. I came across an article 3years ago, where the school was called too white. My eldest attended the school when it was 70%. My little ones now attend and I have seen their school go from 70% white, to less than 10% white in two years. My son is the only European in his class and my other child has only one other European in the class. The mix making up the large numbers of other races are Somali and Spanish. If the trend keeps up, there will not be white children at that school each year Kinder adds more children.

  5. Ayan Rand may have been wrong on many things, but she had a point. On somethings, like when you shit on the people that keep your civilization running. Don't be surprised they Atlas shrugged and leave you high and dry.

  6. I was looking at the SW part of OKC and the availability of inexpensive homes to buy and ran across a business on the maps called "La Raza Insurance." I found out that this is a predominantly Mexican part of the city. That alarmed the hell out of me.

  7. What happens when you run out of white people is going to be the question of the century 😂
    … just hoards of them chasing the last batches of us down until there's none left.

  8. I read an interesting book that said the Roman Empire collapsed quite quickly. The forums, aqueducts, roads etc. fell into disrepair in less than 25 years. I think the US has committed many of the same mistakes of the Romans. I do not think many parts of the West will recover from the damage that has been done just recently.

  9. LAPANESE !!!! Latinos are too big of Majority in California !! This is Unacceptable! We need to Diversify the Monolithic 75% Majority Latinos with Japanese who have been left out of the American Dream of Multiculturalism. Latinos are going in to full Multicultural Mode. This is a huge transition to make, but Latinos will not Survive without it. Latino Birth rate is declining faster than any other race, due to their mass consumption of Jewnatically Modified Corn Products, that reduce their average Sperm Count and Motility, while increasing the Androgeny of their new borns. We need to necessitate intermixing of Latinos and Japanese to Subsidize the dropping birth rate. Koreans will be behind this movement and we be resented for it. But the transition MUST Take place !! Lapanese will have Tech Smart Productivity/Creatively of Japanese, with Labor Endurance of Latinos. They shall be a great asset to Korean Business Owners of Greater K towns$. Koreans are the true decendants Chosen/Josan Dynasty. Koreans shall sit back and suck on the tit of the newfound Lapanese cattles$$, and consume their milk and become baree S$uckSes$poore

  10. I can only imagine him bad it will be for us Whites 50 years from now. We will be forced to relocate and start over, while the US slowly burns around us.

  11. Here’s a little delight that you missed. Check out LA Unified in http://www.ed-data.org.
    There are not only racial enrollment stats, but “diversity” stats.
    The website says: “The Ethnic Diversity Index reflects how evenly distributed these students are among race/ethnic categories. The more evenly distributed the student body, the higher the number. A school where all the students are the same ethnicity would have an index of 0.”
    LA Unified— which is 74.1% Latino— somehow manages a “Diversity” score of 29 out of 30. How is this mathematically possible? On a scale of 30, 75% would be 22.5. Now, how can a school with a 74.1% homogeneous population get a score of 29 out of 30? Even with the numbers inverted as they did it, any 75% population would be 7.5 on a scale with 0=Most Homogeneous and 30=Most Diverse.
    Laguna Beach Unified is 74.9% white, but has a 27 score on “Diversity.” How is their score not closer to 7.5, given that they are almost exactly 75% white?
    How does LA Unified’s 74.1% homogeneous Latino population rate a 29, while Laguna Beach’s 74.9% white population rates a 27? Both ratings should be lower, and there should be less disparity between them.

  12. In the Middle East, Jewish Zionists say “We deserve a wall against Palestinians, but Palestinians don’t deserve a wall against us Zionists. We can freely enter West Bank and take more land, but Palestinians in W. Bank can’t enter Israel to take over or do terror.” Which side is better off? Jews with right of walls or Palestinians with no right of walls?

    Do Jewish Americans regard whites as ‘the other Jews'(who deserve a wall) or ‘the other Palestinians'(who don’t deserve a wall)? Do Jews believe that Anglo-Texans, for example, have the right to remain dominant in Texas(like Jews in Israel) or do Jews believe Anglo-Texans should end up like Palestinians in West Bank(or in Palestine Proper in 1948, the year of Nakba), occupied and defeated? The answer is obvious. Jews see white Texans as the ‘other Palestinians’. However, Texas is run by cuckboys(than cowboys) who criminalize BDS and suck up to Zionists. The Jewish Plan for Anglo-Texans is same as Zionist Plan for Palestinians, but whites keep pretending they are the ‘other Jews’.

    In a way, Jews support massive non-white immigration-invasion as their own pro-wall policy. To Jews, a huge mass of non-whites amounts to a Human Wall or Barrier against White Power. Non-white masses are the electoral-economic moat around the globo-homo castle to keep out the white masses with pitchforks.

  13. I was born in La with a immigrant family but growing up there i had alot of white friends (Asian and caucasian) growing up which i really think led me down a path of good life and not hanging out with the other gang banging south American immigrants who are pretty much highschool drop outs drug dealers and alchoholics always getting into fights with the black neighborhoods and for that reason many of us that grew up in California left now that we're adults we sre not gunna live in a shithole with gangs and drug addicts everywhere while the Democrats continue in power and keep every illegal and poor blacks on welfare

  14. HARRIS COUNTY TX RESIDENTS IN 2016 HAD TO SEND OVER 400 MILLION from the largest school District in TEXAS TO SCHOOL DISTRICTS IN SOUTH TEXAS to help the failing schools because of Illegal immigrants…


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