What They’re Not Telling You About the Yellow Vests

The left despises the working class.

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  1. The citizen/subject population of the US & EU politicos and functionaries have awoken, determined to seize back our heritage. We demand that our homelands, economies and cultural heritages are respected, preserved and defended from the systemic exploitation and oppression of statist transnationals.

  2. Yellow vests increase your visibility, make you stand out.
    Seems like desperate people who want to be seen and heard.
    Black balaclavas and masks hide your identity, making a faceless visage.
    Seems like people who are ashamed to be associated with their own behavior.

  3. "Europe wake up, Europe is waking up. Yeeeah, now Europe is waking up."
    Fuck off! Europe keeps snoozing its alarm clock and things like this won't help.
    What will help? A few well organized terrorist attacks that take out hundreds, no, thousands of European citizens. THAT might just do it.

  4. The working class mostly has to stay working class because there literally is only so much need for leaders. We can’t ALL be leaders even if all are capable. Leaders literally can’t do their job humanely if they don’t have willing followers. It’s a societal teamwork that needs to be much more appreciated by those not willing to work with their hands or work for low wages learning how to be happy not being wealthy. Or the working class will just take out arrogant unappreciative leaders and raise some leaders in the working class up into the government to lead them from a place of true understanding, appreciation, compassion & protection…..hmmmm…reminds me of Donald Trump being elected in 2016 and many working class leaders being elected to Congress in 2018.

  5. Just a note: in ALL European Countries already you need an authorization to protest. And it's not even a new thing, it has been like that for decades.

    Also the French government isn't "left wing". It's center-right. For all intents and purposes, however, it's basically the same.


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