What Every Girl Needs To Hear

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More grim news for carousellers hoping to jump at the last minute.






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  1. Last one I gotta sleep I subbed you are awesome i’ll be back at some point would still really love to work for you with you shit i’ll just tag along for fun lol I know this sounds nuts and if you read any of my other comments you probably think i’m some fuckin nut….and yeah I am so what normal peeps are boring, anyway love your vids keep doin you and i’ll keep commenting…..also if you haven’t watch Bill Burr his stand up especially the bit about “there’s no reason to hit a woman” is jokes like he says you should never do it but there’s plenty of reasons to want to anyway be safe.

  2. you go Lauren ….. wow what an ensemble of powerful deliveries …. and all of that coming from someone who has done the genetic lottery is pretty powerful. If I had a daughter i would make that message her life's ambitions …… thank you for putting your self out there … I'm sure you get a lot of flack …. so keep strong and know you have support from the most high ……. cheers

  3. In any case, the world will be fucked in 50 years or so due to climate change. So no one should be encouraged to bring more kids into this dying world. It's just kind of selfish to give birth and then be like " Welp! Good luck with the apocalypse, kid! *dies*"

  4. Thank you so much Lauren for telling our precious sisters what they NEED to hear, and will not listen to from a man like me, although we should all hear truth from whomever is telling it. As a man who has learned the hard way in too many areas of life, my greatest sense of value in the created human realm is the mate relationship, not cultural marriage which is compromised with evil and merely damage control spiritually speaking for too many. A True mate bond is meant to be eternal and in communion with El Elohim our Creator. Purity is essential for the trust that is necessary for the bond to form and function. This is a factual equation of spiritual life. Just one of the many points that come to mind in listening to you. Thanks again!

  5. this whole video is one big
    omae wa mou shindeiru
    who the hell wastes their time on 3d girls anyway
    2d is ageless and flawless. your onii-chan hates you because you aren't an anime girl. LUL

    you generalize far too much though. who the hell are these women and men you're talking about? have you never met a person with a single shred of decency?

  6. 5:22 Women are born rich? Bitch, I live in a third world country (Argentina). I'm poor as fuck and I'm trying my absolute best to escape that! I want to do that not by getting a husband and live out of his money because I would never feel that it is MY money, how could I ever feel accomplished and fulfilled by doing that? I want to earn money by myself, support myself and be independent! Who cares if I get or don't get a husband? I can adopt a kid if that's what I want in the future, I don't need a man for that

  7. What she is saying it True backed by statics. Women need to wait for men who are committed. Men need to be trained at early age to respect women and be responsible in a committed relationship.

  8. Everything she said is truth. I was 23 years old when I decided to lose my virginity. I used pills and condons with the same man for 6 years, until we married. He is 8 years older, work hard and we want kids. I made the best decision, about losing virginity after 18 years old and with all protection and planning! We are 31 and 39 now!

  9. lies damn lies.. and Laura.. check out those ridiculous "sources" err I mean blog posts she is getting this nonsense from than draw your own conclusions. Same old tired, long debunked conservative dogma.

  10. I do believe that people should hear what you talk about in the beginning BUT ITS SHOULDN'T BE TOLD BY SOCIETY

    Those things should be heard from someone like a friend or siblings that would give them that tough love

    If they were to be given by society then thing are bound to be get out of hand and lead to feelings having everyone against you

  11. 30 year old women competing with 20 year old women? No problem! I have no business with these 20 year old youngsters.. I'd rather have a somewhat experienced woman (around my age that is).


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