TURNING KIDS TRANS? | Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria

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Littman’s Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria tries to explain the rise in transgenderism among young people, but has been met with backlash from trans activists.

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  1. Transtrenders is more accurate, just like the people who in the late 90s – early 00s who went nuts for rap and started acting like Shaun King does now, these people are fragile minds that are easily influenced with little or no personality try to make themselves more interesting by pretending to be ill and oppressed, poor special somatic symptom disorder sufferers.

  2. i have said it before and i will say it again. ever wonder what happened to all the goths and emo people? they became trans. for many of these people transgenderism is just a fad and not an illness. and its the sjws fault for trying to act like any one can be trans that is the problem.

  3. Dude. I cut all my hair off in 4th grade because I wanted to and thought it was fun. People always called me a boy and it made me mad. I was a classic Tom boy my whole life. If I had been born to the wrong people they might have tried to turn me into a boy and that’s soooo scary to think about. Thank god my parents were supportive of my sporty attitude and didn’t confuse me further.

  4. Finally a psychologist stepped up and introduced these dysphoric people with logic.. in their words… Looks like if you want to upset these people just approach their life in a psychiatric perspective… noice!

  5. I call them transfashioners. The adults who want to get in on the oppression and spotlight. That truly infuriates me. I can't remember who she was. Some activist, career entirely for lgbt support. Well just as trans is being pushed and spotlighted. Her child is suddenly trans. The odds of that are less than winning the lottery but she was Oh so happy to not judge her trans child, loudly and in public….

  6. I read somewhere, I think it was the APA where over 70% of children who expressed some sort of gender confusion will come to accept their biological sex by adulthood. Is this really a surprise? Children are confused about everything because they're especially curious about life in general. Yet we want to let kids transition knowing they will very likely regret it? By then, it will be too late. The puberty blockers have stunted their normal sexual development beyond repair by the time they are adults. This is just insane. Kids can't even smoke, drink or consent to sex, yet they are allowed to consent to transitioning. Many stupid parents are going along with this simply because it's trendy to be trans these days. At the very least, they must be required to be formally diagnosed with GD before being allowed to transition.

  7. Note the terms like "affliction" and "illness" used to describe this. You don't treat diabetes by telling someone "eat whatever you want" and making the State pay for heart transplants!

  8. People are so desperate to fit in or have oppression points to feel special they will do anything. Kids nowadays are fucked and will fail in life. Anything to feel special I guess. This gives the real trans community a really bad name.

  9. Just looked up the childhood gender dysphoria criteria and realize i had most of them as a child. Like refused to wear dresses and anything frilly (would literally break down in tears and throw a tantrum.) refused to wear a bra or shave my legs until the bra thing was REAAAALLLLY unavoidable lol. used to steal my brothers jeans and shirts, my only friends were boys and when i did have female friends they didnt really last, i much more enjoyed just hanging with my brothers, playing in the woods, riding bikes and having spitting contests as a kid lol etc. this was all the way up until highschool but eventually i just started going with the flow and dressing for my body type because it was just easier. I still don't neccesarily identify with being a woman but I also don't really have any desire to change who I am to fit into any stereotype of male or female…. I just do me and don't really care what anyone else thinks….. I tend to get along better with guys but since I live in a womans body I do relate to a lot of 'female' issues as well…..I have autism and sensory issues so I just wear whatever is comfortable as well as whatever makes me feel fun and happy. I think everyone is just too caught up in this gender stuff and worrying what everyone else thinks. a body is just a shell. it doesnt change who you are on the inside. do what makes you comfortable but when it gets to a point where its becoming a 'social contagion', theres a problem.

  10. Good video. I don't always agree with you but you are spot on here. As an androgenous , gender-non-conformist person, I'm horrified by what is happening and I think many people who are simply gender nonconformist are led to believe that they need to transition to fit in. This is very dangerous. I once watched a video of a young child, pre-school age I'd say, who reminded me a lot of myself, whose mother insisted that the kid was clearly trans because the little girl (who she addressed as he) wanted to play with boys and boy's toys. I think this is child abuse and I'm horrified to think of what people might have done to me if I had been looked after by people like this. I even went to an effectively boys school (with an open-minded headmaster) because I liked it there and I didn't get on with the girls in my old school. Thank goodness, I'm old and trans wasn't a thing then so nobody insisted that I needed to change my body to be able to be myself. I'm not saying that there aren't people with genuine body dysphoria. Genuine body dysphoria is clearly a serious condition and people need proper help and support to figure out what is best for them before they rush into taking hormones or having surgery which may not be reversible.

  11. I'm MTF trans. I am the real deal. From the youngest age I can remember (4 or 5) something was just not right. Why am I in this boys body? I would be so much happier please if I could be a girl instead. I have battled my gender dysphoria demon every day of my life. Some days it's not a big deal and other days it's intense. All the SJW trans activists are ridiculous. There are people like me who suffer from gender dysphoria (which was well defined in the video), and then there is the SJW culture of victimhood trash. These retards who take HRT because they want in on being trans are going to regret doing this. What fools. Who would choose this life? I sure didn't. But it's my reality everyday. :S


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