Trump Rages Against The Machine

Trump tweets about technology in the wake of the recent Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes.

Trump comments on the recent Boeing 737 Max 8.

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  1. as an electrical engineer with 37 yrs of experience,  Involved with automation the entire time , you are mistaken on the level of capability  of autonomous control .  Why do you think after 10 years of promises there are no autonomous  cars on the road yet?

  2. We can make nerds illegal or at least make life difficult for them, like taxing them more and more or banning certain technologies they would want to learn from. We can do to them what the gun grabbers do the gun owners. Or we can not make it ok to be a nerd, like what we have for the white man now.

  3. I like your content ramzpaul but this isn't what Trump is saying. He's NOT in favor of automation when it comes to flying. To be fair, you meander a little extra on this point but I felt you misinterpreted so let me paraphrase my understanding of the tweet. He's saying the fancy footwork of Boeing is getting in the way of human judgement. Rather trusting in highly trained professionals that are ideally not overworked is better than trusting a machine which can't make split second judgements, even if not perfect. He's saying I don't WANT the requirement of being a pilot to require Albert Einstein levels of intelligence, but rather simple dedication, discipline and training as it has been for the last 60 years.

  4. Technology already takes over many human functions including human safety and prosperity. The X-ray machine that detects the cancer, the microscope that finds the virus, the car that gets us to the hospital, etc.

  5. Advancement in technology has done some great things, however, it has also in many ways made us lazy. A.I. driving cars is one thing(I'm not a fan of) but A.I. controlling mass transportation especially aircraft @ 30,000 ft with 1000's of passengers?? Not such a good idea. Technology has already eliminated thousands of jobs, and will likely continue. I may be in the minority, but I firmly believe that just because you can, doesn't mean you should!

  6. Other issues may come into play in regards AI. If an individual does something stupid, they can individually can be held liable. While if an AI goes wrong, a company can be sued and the amount could be massive. Also you may get people purposefully doing this (messing with the AI) just to sue.

  7. thing is the dysgenic pressures at work since enlightenment eventually catching up with us, whilst in proverbial 'ethnostates' we could maintain technological civilization for a century or two more, racial reality of murica and western europe future looks more and more like it will be proudly riding a horse carriage into the 22th century. since this is not a stable point on technological ladder and in absence of immediate directed counter effort to those pressures (or somehow managing that few more rungs to proper genetic engineering) this is end of the line, evolution will give us kaczynskis solution


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