Tommy Robinson Seeks Political Asylum in the U.S.

Tommy Robinson was recently found guilty on contempt of court charges for filming outside the courthouse following the trial of an Islamic grooming gang. Robinson is now asking President Donald Trump and the Republican Party to grant him and his family emergency political asylum in the United States. Should the U.S. grant Robinson’s request? David Wood discusses the issue.


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  1. It would be a nice idea to give Tommy asylum but it will not happen. He will be jailed today and civil war will start just after. I fear for my children, family, friends and country. The criminal idiots in successive parliaments have wrecked our country and it will not be mended until the civil war finishes with millions dead.

  2. I live in the UK and am astonished by all of this. The only good thing is that these power mongers and control freaks and their supporters are ex-POSING themselves more and more to anyone who has an ounce of intelligence!!

  3. People who think the British government protects Islam. Has no idea what is really happening. The Muslims are just being used as a tool by the Marxist government. This is a classic Marxist strategy. Allow a group of violent ass holes to terrorize the population. So people will gladly give up there personal freedoms and civil rights for security. Marxist create a problem then use that problem to assume higher levels of control over the population. Once they feel that they can control the population completely. They stop pretending to give a shit what the population thinks. The ignorant Muslims will get purged one way or the other after that. Look at the Nazis and Bolsheviks. If you think Nazis were far right your stupid. Hitler studied Marx and used his play book to assume power. He just substituted the country for the party and the Jews for the upper class. Just like the democrats are using whites for the enemy here in America. Its all the same tactics just substitute one group for the other. Create while claiming there is no problem. Then suddenly start bitching about the problem and blame it on Trump and racist whites. his is the same bull shit Marxist have used on the mindless masses and useful idiots from the beginning. Why force some one into slavery. When you can get the stupid bastards to willingly become your slaves? The Soviets realized during WW2 that they could not take the west by force of arms. So they began converting the countries from with in. The fall of the soviet union does not mean shit. The people who instigated the communist take over of Russia and china. Are the same people who make money from both sides during every war. The people like George Soros who thinks of himself as a god because he can control entire nations from the out side. Spread this shit around the planet. Its like one of the Rothschild's said I dont care who the king of England is. As long as I control the money I control the country.

  4. Apparently he is a racist against an ideology just like David. Because as we all know ideas are a race…

    Yep when you have no facts to back you up just change the meanings of words.

  5. A new facet of wisdom from David Wood. The UK has had moments of brilliance in the past but that time is long past and the evolution of the British government into stupidity is now apparent

  6. Thank You for making this video, you put it well saying relentlessly percucuted. This is the establishment not the British public doing this, the British public who bother to find the facts are disgusted and embarrassed . The judges involved are a corrupt disgrace to this country they could not defend their decisions. Hopefully Tommy might get to America. I hope you video might make more people research this topic 👍

  7. On this day we're Tommy could get 2 years in prison. A Muslim woman killed a poor girl ran over her whilst on her phone she tried to flee to Saudi Arabia and had her trial yesterday 20 months and she will be out before Xmas. Drool britannia

  8. What’s happening to Tommy is a reminder to us all why the USA was formed by people fleeing the tyranny of Europe and the UK. Trump must accept his request and grant him aid.

  9. This needs more attention.

    Thanks David.

    Y'all: keep praying for Tommy, and keep trying to help. Even little comments like this help bolster the video to garner more views and attention.

  10. Thank you for this video David. The UK is in self-destruct mode. They are creating the United Kingdom of Islam. Females living in Islam dominated areas ought to seek asylum en masse.

  11. The fascist government of the UK need to be scrutinized of their every action because our US government has already started copying them. There are groups like HIAS that are bringing busloads of Congolese into US cities. These so-called refugees arrive with money in their pockets and our welfare and housing systems await them. Trump is supposed to be tough on immigration but it's just a show, his alliances with the Zionists are the only Americans he cares about. Let Tommy and his fam into the US, they shall be protected, and let's start building our own movement, Tommy's done more than his share, time for us to pick up the fight!

  12. Lord I feel for Tommy, I pray he gets asylum in America. This is an English man in His country trying to protect his people and children from perverted evil demons from Muslim culture. I do not understand whatsoever

  13. I forgot to mention. If you are interested in knock out tutorials that show no mercy for the religion of peace and special needs; check out Pat Condel on his Youtube channel.

  14. This video suggest that this problem is specifically British:::: IT IS DEFINITELY NOT.


    GLOBALLY !!!


  15. Tommy Robinson he fight for England his country what is wrong whit the politician of England!!!
    Protect this great Man Tommy Robinson.
    I am a hindu and Tommy Robinson and your familie you always welcome to live by me!!!
    Tommy Robinson stay strong brother👊🏽👍🏽✌🏽❤✝️🕉✡

  16. Mark well USA- this is the U.K. establishment persecuting a patriotic English man who only stands for the rights of the true British population. Think this can’t happen to you?
    This is the most corrupt judicial system in the world now, welcome to the U.K. the new third world.


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