‘Thin Privilege’ DEBUNKED! | Louder With Crowder

Steven Crowder cuts through the fatty bullsh*t of the new push to make ‘thin privilege’ a thing.

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Comment (44)

  1. The only Thin privilege I would admit is true is when you are having a debate/argument on Facebook with someone . The Only response the other side usually just take turns attacking my weight like it makes any of my points invalid because im bigger than them

  2. I actually think that this brings up a very marginalized group and a privilege that most people don't know about. It even reminds me of another privilege group: clean privilege.Those people who don't have to go through life with the hardships of being addicted to major drugs. I've talked to some people about it, and it sounds like their life is really rough. "You don't have to get judgmental stares whenever you shoot up next to a playground." "You never have to be worried that the person you're dealing to is actually an undercover cop." "You don't have doctors urging you to get clean and that you're destroying your body. It's not a health thing! It's something that's costing me tons of money but it's not my fault!"

    People who are clean from drugs are privileged indeed.

  3. when i see fat bitches getting one smaller dounut at the store im like ok maybe shes trying. but when i see a fat slob buying 3 bags of king sized bags of candy i stare and make a face of disgust

  4. As a dude who is really skinny, but healthy, I get it…the comments I get, from strangers about how I need a cheeseburger is real. I've been repeatedly called shit like "the poster-child for an AIDS campaign". So I feel for your wife, Mr. Crowder. It's real talk.

  5. Sit next to a Fatty on an Airline Flight for 8 hours and tell me how much fun that is?
    I am so happy whenever I get on a plane and see the person sitting next to me is a skinny person.

  6. I'm a fat ass! I've been thin TWICE in my life. Both times, I was really poor. I regained a plentitude and lost my thin status. Am now my fat-ass-ness, again. I lost myself and want to regain the "privilege" (as defined as I allowed myself of its privation (taking away)) again.

  7. RN here 🙋🏻‍♀️ the first thing we are taught in assessing a patient is to Inspect 👀 you can tell a lot about a person’s health by what they look like!

  8. To the people who keep saying that “it’s hard to lose weight”, maybe, just maybe, start dieting and exercising BEFORE you become a fat ass. Just saying🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. I had a morbidly obese assistant manager for a while. She would LITERALLY eat more meals in a single shift I eat all day, shit some shifts I don’t have time to eat (she finds the time). She was absolutely the worse the worker I have ever had and was crazy lazy. We started in the same position when we both started but I’m her boss now (she’s at a new store now but still an assistant)….. must have been my skinny privilege not letting me sit in the office and eat all day.

  10. The Music sounds like a Porno.

    Also Being someone with a High Metabolism I’m skinny and Get bashed for it more than the Fatter people. I also hear “I look at a Slice if Cake I gain 5 pounds. You eat a whole meal and gain no weight.”

  11. I got physically ill seeing that scrunched ball of fat she calls a face munch down that donut. As humans, we are supposed to have a healthy natural disgust for people that obese.

  12. I don't dislike people who are fat, however, being around an extremely obese person while they eat 3 or more normal serving of food in one sitting is extremely off-putting to me, to the point I want to vomit. Also sitting ext to them is out of question, due to their tremendous body and odor imposing into the space of my seat. I wish these people would adopt some form of self control to at least bring themselves to a healthy weight.

  13. You mean the privilege of being HEALTHY!!! That's not a question.
    Very long legs. A 25$ pair of jeans need 40$ in changes to make them fit. Size 13 feet. You know how much my work boots cost? And I have to by at least a pair a year. So fuck off with your fat bullshit. Die of a fucking heart attack so I can get two years of free boots. Fucking boo-hoo-moo-moo!!

  14. “Every time I go to the doctor all he wants to do is to tell me to stop shooting heroine and never actually addresses what’s wrong with me.” Seriously, this is the food version of junkie logic. Obesity kills more than heroine in America, so she should consider it a privilege that she’s not treated like a junkie (although rehab could do some good here).

  15. How tall are you Crowder… 6'4… 6'5? I hate sitting next to you freaks at hockey games, you people and your stupid elbows always touching mine. And every time I get up to get a beer I gotta wait 10 minutes for you people to move your dumbass legs out of the isle, making noises like I'm disturbing you. Buy a seat with a bigger isle! It's no picnic riding the train with you jolly green doofuses either. You're just as bad as the hippos shoving hot cheetos into their faces. I hope you get hit in the head with a ceiling fan.

  16. I am pushing 362lbs and there is no thin privilege. Yeah my fat ass impacts what I can do in life and limits my choices of stores I go to but thats because I am an outlier to the rest of society and its totally on me to get it under control not society to bend over backwards to carter to my self infliceted condition

  17. Thin people don't be eating donuts all the time, if I'm staring at you it's cuz this is my first donut in 2 years and I'm looking at you like, this why I don't come here all of the time


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