Then they came for the memes.

The left can’t meme, so they decided to ban them instead.

Check out these great meme channels;

Prince of Zimbabwe:

Me Me Meme:

YouTube demonetizes all of my videos. Support my work here:



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  1. I use to be a leftwing fucktard, last year I would say that Trump would have to eat a live baby live on tv to lose my support. Now I have to change it to Trump would have to eat a 10 year old live on TV to to lose my support since the left would actually support the killing of babies.

  2. For the love of GOD, stop giving that stupid shmuck two last names. It is senator ocasio, and that's it. Keep calling her that until she flips and then ask her why she has two last names? Could it be that her mother had so little respect for her father that she didn't want to change her name? If that's the case then she clearly has no respect for men. If she says that she has so little respect for men then she does not deserve a mans money and should take a 90% pay cut because that is who pays her salary through taxes/rent.

  3. Isn’t posting memes part of free speech?

    If they ban the memes, that will be the first step to abolishing the first amendment. Just like their attempts to ban the AR-15 is their fist step to abolish the 2nd amendment

  4. Memes require a sense of humor, the left is killing humor. A meme requires you could find something funny about a stereotype you need to apply it properly to make people think and entertain at the same time. But you can't be PC and tell jokes at the same time

  5. Banning is easy, that's what the left does. Sorting through content is hard, but it doesn't have to be. Just adopt the US model of free speech and let it flow. I've created memes in flame wars, they don't have to be complicated but the good ones do take some thought and creativity.

  6. I am only getting audio, video is not showing. Tried other channels and they are ok, just this one? is this a new form of censorship on Paul? Hope to enjoy the video later on. Keep up the good work Paul

  7. I stopped visiting and commenting on years ago because any comment non-liberal gets automatically deleted. So when one reads through their articles comments, one is left thinking that the public as a whole is supportive of the authors bias.


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