The shocking solution to Global Warming

Would have Macron’s fuel tax have helped to reduce global warming? Or is there a bigger issue that is being ignored?

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  1. The underlying motivation behind all this mass immigration into the West is our fractional reserve banking system and the endless growth economics such a system demands.

    This is where the Left has become absolutely retarded on environmentalism and resource depletion. They think it’s some moral obligation to let unlimited numbers of R selected people into the West. All while trying to reduce the net pollution.

    It’s a race to go forward while racing to go backwards simultaneously

    The dissident right should become Steady State economic advocates. That means Borders are closed

  2. Gotcha, so the answer to the question of how to deal with global warming is to take over africa and stop africa from over populating… or stop sending so much food and money to africa so they cant reproduce so much

  3. The cure for global warming is to realise the warming we’ve seen is caused by increased activity from the sun in the past few years. That’s better than lying about carbon we produce which equates to a fraction of 1% of the gas in our atmosphere. You’re either a moron or a liar for spouting the garbage in this video.

  4. Think about all the ways they discourage people from having kids… it's all targeted towards white people.. none of the efforts are targeted towards non-whites. Then they use the low birthrate to justify importing millions of third worlders. There are incentives for them to have kids, higher welfare payments. This all points towards white genocide.

  5. genius Paul. Foreign aid, the simple truth: the more you feed, the more they breed, the more they need! Your money, creating Third World overpopulation, fuelling famine, and creating mass immigration!

  6. Global warming policy is racism aimed squarely at white people. It's fine for any other race to pump out as many kids as possible, even for migrants in first world nations. It's only whites for which having more children is a No No!

  7. You make SO much sense. As you pointed out, it might feel cruel, but stopping the runaway population growth in Africa is THE most important task for stopping global warming. Your video should go viral, but probably won’t cos too many ppl are conditioned to feel sorry when they see commercials for African aid showing starving children. The Q that should be asked is : “WHY are dirt-poor Africans reproducing at an alarming rate, when they (should) know perfectly well they are condemning their offspring to a lifetime of poverty/privation/misery ???

  8. I am told to have non children at all, but the common guy from africa will still reproduc in a rate that only rabbits come close to.
    nowadays in the country formerly known as germany, people are deadly afraid of wolves.

  9. Of course we should stop aiding poor third world populations. First they add to this global warming and second they keep reproducing while not contributing anything to the word. They just take. Obviously they are not meant to survive if they can't without interference just like other species that 'nature loving' do-gooders won't let go extinct for no apparent reason. That's called evolution, specifically natural selection. If you aren't fit to survive in your environment you die out and make way for better adapted creatures. Neither should we take in all those people that again only want free give outs and reproduce in masses. Complete sabotage of natural progress and our human (tribal) instincts.

  10. Population loss would be completely fine without immigration. Japan is going to have a lower population, but they will still survive and be Japanese because they aren't allowing in migrants in any significant sense

  11. Ramzpaul, most of your videos are mostly in jest but this one is a bit more serious; so allow me to play shitlib advocate here and present their most likely response to the argument presented in this video:

    "but ramzpaul, the carbon footprint of most people living in subsaharan Africa is minute compared to that of peoples living in developed countries"

    To which our response is, "then why the hell do you want to bring them to said developed countries, where (supposing shitlibs get their way on other fronts) they will simply increase their carbon output to our levels??"

  12. I like the fucking automatic wikipedia "fact check" under the video, jewtube makes sure you know. They will push mass migration with global warming

  13. Dindus dondu "global warming" change. The "progressives" who worship them are destroying the planet with their incessant pathological altruism. If natural selection were allowed to run its course, they'd be extinct in no time, or at the very least, an insignificant proportion of the human (or barely human) population.


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