The Narrative

How the elite and the media are shaping the narrative concerning Sri Lanka.

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  1. Essentially the (more awkward) title of that article might as well be "If you get angered by the religiously motivated slaughter of 300 Christians… there's something wrong with you".

    It's a kind of programming almost to keep people inline and preempt their natural instincts. A lot of the strange deranged behavior you see from leftist is this programming coming into conflict with reality. The end result of the cognitive dissonance is that they react violently to anything grounded in reality or wholesome. It's very strange and sad..

  2. You're on the Mark again my friend George Soros the rothschilds and the global elites are using third world migration to invade first World countries because they can control these people they're low IQ and they're malleable. The cultural Marxist leftist Secular Progressive elites are using Islam to destroy Christianity and western civilization and conversely Islam is using the left to do the same they are conjoined at the hips in matrimony in order to destroy Christian Western Civilization as we have known it. People better wake up before it's too late look what has happened to Europe right in front of our eyes. let's not fail to mention the white genocide going on in South Africa that the lame stream controlled media fails to cover.

  3. Just because a bunch of higher ups turn up using weird highly improbable language you think there's something going on? What, Ramz, don't you believe in Cohencidences?

  4. To the Washington Post, the real problem is not that over 300 Christians were killed. The REAL problem is of course the far right! It would be funny if it was not so tragic.

  5. People are just now figuring this out? It began back in the late 90s or so when new words were instituted everywhere, beginning with "mukticulturalism", "diversity", "tolerance", and "political correctness", etc.

  6. They got my back up decades ago when they starting saying XMas instead of Christmas. What the heck does that mean? It seemed innocuous to most people, perhaps just shorthand but I hated it

  7. Jeff Bezos the head of Amazon online company owns the Washington Post. He is one of these scumbags with Soros and others who are creating these misleading news. One way to fight this dirtbag Bezos is not buy or at least limit the things that we purchase on Amazon’s website. We the little search on the internet you can almost find any items that Amazon sells on other merchant sites.

  8. The people who committed this attack probably weren't Muslims. They were probably Mossad operatives. Same as the dude who murdered those people in New Zealand.

  9. Another great video and completely agree about the pyramid. It's there modus operandi of brainwashing us. David Icke referred to this many years ago and people are beginning to understand him (although I don't agree on everything he says). The point about The Elite is that their religion IS Islam and NOT Christianity and they are looking to destroy Christianity. Many of the videos by Walter Veith hint at this and the secret societies that The Elite operate within and there comes a point where they swear allegiance on the Koran and not the Holy Bible. Of course, Islam is the complete opposite of Christianity. For example Jesus killed no one whereas Muhammad killed thousands. There are other parallels. So, yes, you can understand their plan and have no wish to increase Christians on the planet. In some respects they are making it cool to be a Satanic as witnessed by those like Bono.


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