The James Fields Murder Trial

James Fields is on trial for murder for the Charlottesville car crash that killed a protester.

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  1. Anybody like you Paul would be thrown off the jury pronto. My experience with jury pools is that older white guys are the first to be excused. Just listening to your cogent reasoning would be enough for any prosecutor to boot you.

  2. I just hope that the police and coroner weren't dirty on this. From what I heard, he didn't even hit her with his car. Heyer was trampled or crushed by the mob and had a heart attack. I hope he gets away with it, but I'm betting they're going to railroad this guy.

  3. I don't think he did anything wrong. Most people in that situation would be freaked out and do the same thing. The easier you're freaked out the bigger the accident. I would say it's a car accident but if he was charged then the people who made sure he was in that situation are more to blame.

  4. I think "The Simpsons" had an episode where Homer drives through a crowd of protesters.
    It was always the most reasonable explanation that the person panicked rather than deliberately setting out to murder anyone.
    But the left and even the middle will paint it differently.
    I am a disenchanted left leaning type but i can't stand the hysteria and dishonesty of the left.

  5. I remember, initially, the media and leftist were trying to blame Fields for killing three people because a police helicopter had crashed near Charlottesville on the same day. Even Maxine Waters said “three victims” on at least one occasion.

    But then that narrative was dropped. Whats the law on obstructing traffic because those people had no right to be in the streets when they were. Essentially, they were unlawfully assembled and disturbing the public safety which led to the death of one of their own.

  6. On Monday, I had to plead guilty to a misdemeanor crime I did not commit. My lawyer and I figured we couldn't trust a jury. Fuck our "justice" system. The prosecutor seemed like he was in it for pelts, not for truth.

  7. This is actually a good example of why to use caution when tweeting. If you shoot someone in self defense and have a twitter feed braging on how you would shoot bad-guys… it can be used to show you were "looking" to pull a trigger at the first opportunity and when the facts of your case are not clear and if a accusation of bias is made…….


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