The Intersectional Police Arrest a TERF

Think gender is based on biological sex? You’re nicked, love!

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  1. I was born and raised in USSR. So speaking from first hand knowledge, this looks awfully lot like USSR, only that the police forgot to call that poor terf woman "an enemy of the state". Also, she was sent as a spy by the vile capitalists to ruin the socialist paradise. Every member of her family will be tainted by association, will never find a decent job, or be allowed to live in a big city. Same for her grand kids and so on and so on until the end. PS I really hope this sad situation will work out for her.

  2. I support transgenderism all the way through, some of my friends even call me an sjw for that.
    No matter what side I talk to about this case, they will hate me.
    I want to lay down and cry.

  3. Is anybody scared of the police, I for one are not, Cressida dickless is not a expert on policing, it is now the LGBTP to terrorise the majority straight, law abiding of nations.! How did we get to this position.?

  4. Let's just assume that most transgender people are criminally insane, and will likely end up in prison at some point. Then we can go ahead and build that third prison wing.

  5. I can't wait for the UK to fall to Islam, white cuckold western nation deserve what's coming to them. I'd rather rather a society with women in beekeeper suit than what is going on now in the UK with all this leftist BS.

  6. I couldn't care less about transgenders, if a man wants to be a woman or vice versa let them just as long they don't claim surgery on the NHS or force me to use their pronoun's I couldn't give a damn, I outright refuse to pander to a mental illness.

  7. What law are they pinning them with, specifically? I'd just appeal and state the right to freedom of speech (and it affecting her education negatively in this case)
    The courts hate when they have to show they where wrong because precedent is important.

  8. The only way to stop the police from doing this arrests is to continue calling things for what they are. Sooner or later the police will have to stop. they won't be doing their jobs, that is, to serve and protect. Hopefully the left will continue eating itself!


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