The Destruction of America's Mental Health Care System

A powerful presentation on the wholesale destruction of the American mental health care system, and its terrible effects, including:

– massive social suffering
– huge increases in violent crime
– destruction of entire neighborhoods
– the war on drugs
– rampant homelessness
– promiscuity and the spread of STDs
– crushing burdens on untrained family caregivers
– huge profits for bureaucracy and governments
– escalating calls for gun control

and more.

Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio, takes you on a dark journey to the role that ideology and willful blindness played in the destruction and America’s long-standing mental health care system.

Bomb in the Brain Series:

Myths and Facts About Antidepressants | Robert Whitaker and Stefan Molyneux:

The Truth About Crime:



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Comment (29)

  1. allot of "crazy" people were just unproductive.. or werent interested in bearing children..

    those were the ones everybody truly feared.. and u know that……………………………………………

    so now its yr turn ( :

  2. Mental Health Care in the US=

    Dr- Here, try this SSRI. Or SNRI.


    Oh, what’s that you say, you’re having side effects? Nah, couldn’t be, those happen rarely(*therefore, couldn’t be happening to your wife*).

    Dr. –
    “Quit blaming your marital problems on the pills”

    “Um, sir, this med isn’t listed as a treatment for seizures….”


    ‘“That’s ok, we can “black label” prescribe these for it, it’s THOUGHT it might work as an anti depressant “

    “My wife tried jumping out of our van on the highway yesterday “

    Dr “you’re lying”

    Get real, the system is too broken to ever come back, DR and Big Pharma do NOT care.

  3. If you are raped in the U.S. you will likely not be allowed to fill out a Crime report. Instead, you will immediately be drugged into a permanent vegetable state to help protect the Status Quo. Speaking of these things will no longer be tolerated. "Take a pill and everything will be much better!" You approve? Of course you approve. It is an expensive indulgence for 'the last generation' of fools…

  4. i studied psychology and crazy people. all crazy people have a permanent lens of oppression that they filter everything through. they know it, they want it. there is nothing you can do to help them. its not your fault when someone succumbs to their fear, instead of going through the grieving process and then returning to stronger and wiser health.

    crazy people, all of them, do not grieve. they look for the oppressor/oppressee pattern in everything. its all they do all the time. they then construct a narrative that explains the oppression, that makes them the only one that is 100% pure and right.

    of course, this is total projection and inversion. crazy people are crazy, we should ignore them and get on with life. you can't help them. grieve and move on. further interaction with them is very dangerous. they burn up all time, all energy everything, with their constant attention-seeking.

    don't feel bad about your mother. mine is crazy too. nothing you can do about it. my grandparents washed their hands of her, as have i. she turns everything she touches into shit. remember that next time you are tempted to feel sorry for your mother. she's not a mother. she's just a pain in the ass.

  5. how do u know for sure whether somebody is "crazy" or not.. see if who ends up at the top ( :

    u see.. reality isnt just this fixed thing u believe it to be ( :

    its a series of components yet to be arranged into a greater mechanism.. as u will come to find

  6. Working in Calif. and having to deal with folks in Oregon. There is a lot of corruption. Listing people as patients then letting them walk out the door unattended while keeping them on the books even when they didn't come back. Fraud is quite common in the system, Reagan tried to correct it and the left claimed he closed hospitals, no he withheld money from Hospitals who had missing patients.

  7. How about we don't fucking convince people to hold our same political beliefs if they are linked to our genetics? How about we compartmentalize society where one state is grouped along a narrow band of the political spectrum and another state is different!!!! Shocker! who knew?! If we don't separate then may our country turn a 1,000 times worse than the ultra violence in Brazil. Apathy should be punished with extreme prejudice. Cowards and centrist faggots should be culled like cows in a slaughter house.

  8. (27:44) This Stefan guy talks an awful lot about nipples. @.@ Still working my way through this information packed video. I'm so curious to find out more about the effects of parasites and tropical diseases on the brain.

  9. I experience primitive anger when I smell these homeless invalids. They smell worse than roadkill. Theyre not just crazy, theyre also wicked. Spiritual depravity and mental illness go hand in hand.

  10. In UK everyone who does not want to work or has a shitty family on benefits goes to GP, gets a diagnosis of depression or bipolar and then the system throws money at them and they are never incentivised to get off the benefits, they go to assessments and lie through their teeth. It is disgusting.

  11. I’m autistic. I’m near the bottom of the triangle. In the self harm and help with finances part. However it’s very hard for me to keep jobs and stuff. It’s hard to explain my problem. I have a hard time communicating my thoughts. If people where more forgiving of me being a bad person id have a better chance at keeping a job. But alas. No one wants a retard who can’t understand small talk or be nice

  12. The left can't even make sense to themselves. The very people that benefited from "big brother" were driven out of custodial care in the interest of "freeing" them. Yet the left wants to control us. We have resources that they wish to control while the mentally ill only use resources.

  13. I was diagnosed with Bipolar when I was 6, I am now 30. I was beaten fiercely by one parent, completely neglected by the other, and all of my siblings used me as the physical & emotional punching bag. I can say without a shadow of doubt that the severity of my disorder is correlated to the environment I was raised in, and I learned this by contrasting myself with other Bipolar people whom I've met that where NOT raised in violent homes.

    Bipolar doesn't care how smart or dumb you are, it doesn't care how moral or immoral you are, the only thing I'm certain of is that the 2 most toxic things for a child growing up with even just the genetic predisposition of Bipolar is violent parents and pharmaceuticals.

  14. A 3plus hour tour-de-force from Stefan. I’m going to need an extra helping of Shredded Wheat before I tackle this one. If it’s as good as his marathon opus on Joseph McCarthy, bring it on.


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