The Collapse of Western Civilization

Almost every factor that precedes the collapse of great civilizations has been met by the west.


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  1. Our meaning can be derived from defending our civilisation so that are children may live free, what more valuable thing could you do than secure the future for your children

  2. Which means another cataclysmic War is right around the corner.
    The Progressive Left are repeating history.
    Look no further than Rome.
    Great Civilization.
    Great military power.
    Became Progressive, and collapsed unto itself.

  3. 50 years ago, dressing a little boy up in drag queen clothing and parading him around would have been criminal. 10 years ago it wasnt anyones else's business. Today it's progressive and your wrong for being opposed to it.

    We didn't fight hard enough.

  4. I lost faith in Everything, I bought my first phone after 21 years of life; I haven't downloaded any apps besides what already came with the phone. I find myself always listening to music, instead of being my usual outgoing self to meet others; i find myself cut off and secluded now.

  5. I wouldn't say there is no solution.
    Another great civilization will rise up in its place. People who are not degenerates will be building that civilization.

  6. Mr Watson we are aware you've jumped ship. Welcome to the NWO. This little tirade of yours is your way of justifying your choice. Good Luck. And please stop preaching to us any further. SELLOUT !!

  7. Well, you can't have a new world order when the old one is still in place now, can you. The elite want Western civilisation to fall so that they can rebuild it. I believe it will happen. Anyone with children please educate them as to why this is happening. My four oldest children are in Gen Z, my two youngest are Gen Alpha (those born in 2013-2025). Gen Alpha, interesting choice of name, imo.


  9. Probably the most depressing yet true and timely video PJW has ever done. If you had to beg your moderate friends/family members (by email or text if necessary, since FB censors Conservatives), pass them this video. It's the type of content they'll still be able to digest without going into a Liberal/Leftist/SJW/TDS fit. Try to reach the reachable. I haven't thrown in the towel. SHARE IT. Shoot, I'm going to offer my Lib friends a $10 donation to a non-political, A-rated charity if they watch and can pass a validation check.

  10. It's so refreshing hearing you becoming more and more blackpilled.
    Now start to realize national socialists were never the "bad guys" and that globalists aren't "The new nazziisssshhh".
    We could have prevented all this.

  11. muslims are not invading Europe nor America right now. European & American governments are inviting them in.
    Muammar Gaddafi (10 April 2006) – Islam Will Conquer Europe Without Firing a Shot "We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe — without swords, without guns, without conquest — will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades."

  12. ….yeah, how many saw movies are they gonna make? or halloweens , or any of the other hundred or so re re makes?
    its like hollywood ran out of ideas. most of the actors are politicly retarded they cant make good movies or shows.
    ….Roseanne was a great, but they fucked that up to.

  13. Curious, the mind of an individual is unique and while we see the decline, we also have to understand we now have a larger population wherein survival of the fittest is no longer a thing. The same number of responsible people are alive and on the rise, it just so happens there are the same number of irresponsible druggies.

  14. Japan is another great civilization that has fallen, I am Brazilian, the foreign population that grows the most are the Brazilian immigrants. There are so many Brazilians in Aichi that we do not even need to worry about speaking Japanese plaques and other signs are translated into Portuguese business establishments, banks, hospitals and offices have professionals who only speak Portuguese. In Japan there are 302,000 Brazilian residents, in 2030 there will be 940,000 Brazilians. Our birth rate is so high it surpasses 3.22 on Japanese soil. Shintoism is being replaced by Roman Catholicism. Soon we will colonize Japan without having to shoot, the Japanese territory will be a special administrative extension of Brazil. The West as we know it will be a poor and miserable place shaken by crime and wars, Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and South Korean have become the new West.

  15. Man has searched for God throughout the centuries, reached for the stars and contemplated the meaning of life. Somehow we ended up in a liberal shithole with soy boys and harpies controlling our culture.

  16. This is dangerous BS. Western civilization is under a massive ideological attack by neo-Marxists because it was too successful and created so much wealth. A civilization that puts a man on the moon was not in a stage of collapse. The far-left have been collapsing our cultural and moral systems since the 1960's. Do not believe PJW. He is a complete imbecile.


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