The Absolute State of Britbongland

Don’t get me started.



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  1. Man I feel little sorry for Britain but was brought on by your own selves. But on the brighter side the Benny Hill skirt was too funny! From the days Britain was Britain. Sad.

  2. Just letting you know Britain didn’t free the slaves out of the goodness of their hearts. They did it to fuck over America. They also continued using slavery in the places they controlled

  3. They say that great empires end in absurdity and farce. Well there goes your proof. Ever wonder what a total failure of leadership looks like? Well look no further. Hope you are watching America, because if you follow the same progressive liberal path, you're next!

  4. The World is Fucked Up! But, there is hope. The 98% of sane western hard working people are waking up! Unfortunately very slowly!
    P.s. Love the Benny Hill music with the video, so true true how fucked up the problem is! 🙂

  5. This stuff is so sad. Europe was like a museum of history and culture for white people and we are just letting it slip away. When is enough going to be enough?

  6. Last December 2017 I was assaulted outside my house after getting out of my car which I had parked on the road directly outside my house to get my dog out and drop off before I went to my families home. A car drove up behind me and almost hit me as I walked beside my car to get to the path. The driver wound down the passenger window and shouted expletives at me. I said I had right of way and I was out of my car well before he had arrived. After my reply telling him to go away he told me to piss off or he would do me in, a woman passenger was beside him. I responded by saying ok try it. He jumped out of the car came up to me punched me in the neck shoulder. I did not defend myself but backed away for fear, he punched me again in the same place. He went back to his car I walked in front of his car to take a photo for evidence of the vehicle. He drove his vehicle into me knocking me over as I got up and moved to the side he drove off at speed. I reported this incident to the police a witness had stopped who said they saw what happened my neighbour also saw what happened. The police were called they took 2 days to arrive. They took two weeks to speak to the driver. I attended hospital with a fractured clavicle. 6 months later the police dropped the case and said there was insufficient evidence and that it was not in the public interest. I had hospital records and witnesses. I appealed against the police decision and it was rejected. I am now seeking a judicial review with a private intended prosecution. This is the state of the police today. They are disgusting and impotent and do as they wish.

  7. Not sure if I'm just paranoid or if somethings up, any of the usual videos I have running in the background, wether its a podcast or a music video, will continue auto-playing nomatter what game I'm playing. Not your videos.
    Your videos always gets "auto-play paused". Why is that?

  8. We have the greatest leader in the world but his is impotent with the entire government being corrupt. The west is defeated. As long as we approve of the holocaust of babies in the womb, God will not bless us!

  9. I think the UK is finished. I hate to say that because the Brits went out of their way to be kind to me when I was a student there. Many of them thanked me for what America did to help them in WW2. Now the Quislings drawn from among their own people are leading the nation into chaos and the breakdown of civil order. "We have met the enemy and he is us."

  10. There is no diversity or multiculturalism in neither Japan or Korea. Of course because they are not white,nobody forces immigration on them. Please save the UK and the rest of Western Europe, I'm from Argentina and all what's happening is horrible af

  11. Aaaaa…What is a Hate Crime? I don't think it's even define in UK law…yet??? Sssoooo UK is racist that's why there is so many people from different countries are soooo kin to come in here? So why they(me from Poland) are so eager to leave their not racist Countries?

  12. "Sovereignty & democracy?" How about "sovereignty & republicanism?" OIC: "republicanism" requires the speaker to know the definiton of a right and the definition of a right is…uh…er…one thing neither Watson, DOCTOR Watson, nor Infowars can even conceptulize, much less articulate, broadcast, or post.


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