Soph and Happy Homelands

Some thoughts concerning Soph’s appearance on Happy Homelands. Her interview can be found here. Like my videos? Support me at – source

Happy Homelands – Soph

Soph is our guest this week on Happy Homelands. Soph has become a GenZ Internet sensation with her no-holds barred political commentary. source

Judge – Christian Dating Site Must Accept Homosexuals, an online dating service for Christian singles, must start allowing people to seek out same-sex relationships under a judge-approved settlement. Like my videos? Support me at – source

NZ Vows To Fight Reality

Jacinda Ardern’s Christchurch Call pledge could act as a start point for a much wider push against online radicalisation or “red-pilling.” Like my videos? Support me at – source

Soph – The Red Pill Teen

An article attacking Soph was published in Buzzfeed today. Soph is a 14 year old girl who makes politically incorrect comedies on YouTube. Below is a sample of her work. Take a look before she gets banned. Like my videos? Support me at – source

The Sex Strike

Actress Alyssa Milano ignited social media with a tweet on Friday night calling for women to join her in a sex strike to protest against strict abortion laws in the US. The former star of Charmed and Melrose Place urged women in her tweet to stop having sex “until we get bodily autonomy back”. Like […]

Happy Homelands – Jason Köhne

Jason Köhne will join us on Happy Homelands this Saturday, May 11 at 1:00 P.M. CST. Jason runs the YouTube channel No White Guilt and he is the author of Born Guilty, Go Free and It’s A Comedy Dammit! source

Fabulous America

Fabulous Brian Sims, a state representative from Pennsylvania, attempted to doxx teenage girls for praying. Tucker video: Like my videos? Support me at – source

Dissident Rehabilitation

Katie McHugh, former Brietbart reporter, speaks to Buzzfeed News as part of her political rehabilitation. Like my videos? Support me at – source

America is not well

Thoughts on my recent visit to rural America. Like my videos? Support me at – source