Will narcos be allowed to snitch at war crimes tribunal?

More than 300 narcos and paramilitaries want to add their side to the convoluted history of the armed conflict and testify to organizations behind the peace process. The group, calling itself the Committee of Prisoners for the Truth of Colombia, sent a letter from La Picota prison in Bogota to the Special Judiciary for Peace, […]

Duque allegedly planning to cut crucial funds for Colombia’s peace process and war victims

Prominent members of Colombia’s opposition have questioned whether Colombia’s president Ivan Duque is deliberately diverting funds away from the country’s peace process. House Representatives Juanita Goebertus of the Green Alliance and Norma Hurtado of the U Party highlighted the omission of specific pacts relating to the implementation of peace in article 4 of the National Development […]

Medellin experiences shortfall in policemen amid rise in violence

Medellin needs an additional 2,000 police officers to safeguard its residents, according to the city’s security secretary of Colombia’s second largest city that has seen rising violence for years. A national mandate recently lowered the retirement period for higher ranking officers to 15 and 20 years. Prior to this, the police officers were allowed to […]

Rebuilding Colombia Reports after its 11th anniversary

Colombia Reports is celebrating its 11th anniversary. Thanks to our readers and colleagues, we have survived the most stressful year in our existence and are now in the process of recovery and expansion. Due to a bit of a conflict with Migration that impeded me to invite foreign writers and a hacker attack that all […]