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Is the iPhone X worthy of “daily driver” status? Is the iPhone X the greatest iPhone Apple has ever made? How does the iPhone X stack up vs the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Galaxy Note 8, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Razer Phone and others? I’ll be inserting my SIM card into the X and using it for at least one week. Be sure to subscribe for my follow-up iPhone X review coming shortly. Also, if you didn’t catch my iPhone X unboxing be sure to go back and check it out (took an unconventional approach on that one).

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  1. I find it so hilarious that people think the "no home button" is so cool and useful on this iPhone X. I the fact people are "learning" something new with its gestures. "Swipe up to get to home….swipe up then right to your recently open apps" Wow. So intuitive, right? It's 2017 right? Well let's take a walk down memory lane. Back in 2013 BlackBerry is introduced BlackBerry 10 OS or BB10. Their phone was the z10 with no "home button" . People back then thought "what a dumb move by RIM" . BlackBerry took the simple idea of seeing a new way of "getting back to home" . I still use one of those devices, Z30 (z10 bigger brother) and when I compare it side by side with the iPhone X, I can truly say how optimized BB10 is way back in 2013. With the hardware back then in 2013 is still better in so many ways then the current 2017 iPhone X with its Bionic 11 chipset. It's so sad people were and still closed minded. Also here's a fun fact. Apple hired the team who developed the BlackBerry 10 OS and guess what…..its now running your $1300 iPhone. Cheers. BlackBerry has taken over all you Apple isheep.

  2. The iPhone X's OLED Screen is made by Samsung but is around 1080p (as we know Apples Retina Displays is never the common resolution!) that is much less than the Galaxys 2K also the iPhones X's screen is less than half as bright as the Galaxy 8 & 8+ net alone the Note, also Not 18 to 9 ratio (aka 2 to 1!).

    iOS has never had true widgets that you can place on whatever page you want and unlike Android Widgets can not resize and/or reshape them!

    Apple stole the Control Center from Android and over time has made it more and more like Android (FIRST locked icons, then later you could add a remove icons and now with the X you even have to pull down from the top to get to it like on Android!) but yet Apple still can not or will not add an Apps Folder (even if it was set to off by defualt many many iOS users would like that option as Apple is meant to be about the clean asthetic and having 6 pages of apps by fefualt does not do that and also hides wall papers by defualt!) also the iOS version on the X has a much slower and convaluted way of accessing Home, Recent Apps excetra then even their old home button net alone Androids easy and more natural three button set up (Seriously Apple no onscreen Home Button even if it was invisible in certain apps/settings/landscape Samsung did that and it works very well! The Top Notch is wasted space as too much is crammed into to little space and why could Apple not merge Notifications and Quick Settings like Android and allow users to just pull down on one side of the notch to access all the functions (Notification & Quick Settings!) to make it easier on people with small hands and people that are left handed?

    The New Camera angle while ok just still does not look as good as the older iPhone 7 Plus set up also why does the Camera Hump have to be so big surely Apple could shrink it down like Oppo managed to do or make the phone made thicker heaven forbid to allow for a bigger to aloow for a bigger battery and thus much longer battery life (Yes I do know they use two batterys in an L shape giving it better life thanks to a stcked Logic/Mother Board but that just ads to my argument of making the back thicked not thinner!) and help flatten out the camera bump as a result!

    Face ID has been hacked yes it is a nice idea like Samsungs Iris Scanner but use it in addtion to Touch ID which many people would still have loved to see either in the screen (Many people belive that Apple got it working but dropped it due to cost and having to remove the haptic engine!) or maybe put it in the Apple Logo on the back that makes sense right?! (BTW this again adds to my argument of a slightly thicker device!) Or maybe due a Sony and put the Touch ID in the side mounted power button!

    Still no unlocked NFC to allow people to transfer files fast and easy, This is nothing to do with security as Apple Claims (As Blutooth and WiFi are much much bigger threats and Apple still includes them without locking them!) but to Force Banks to use their Apple Pay so they can take a chunck of the profit while with Android you can use a banks defualt apps to pay or use Android Pay or even Samsung Pay if you have a Sammy device, Apple locking NFC only to payments and only on Apple Pay is Anti-Competitive under Australian/New Zealand and I belive US Law to name just two/three!

    Still no option to change icons or ability to add luanchers to customize ones personal device!

    Still no option to set defualt apps you are forced to use Apple's Apps!

    No Battery Percentage display opton now even in Control Center?!

  3. You yell a lot. You also flail like a lot of crack addicts or douche-bag "bros". I guess your style of….'content'… appeals to the low attention span generation which is why you have such a large viewer base.
    If you have a 'tech channel' it should have something to do with your knowledge about…. tech. You have nothing but personal opinions. I can't believe people are stupid enough to use your person likes/dislikes as a premise to their purchases. What the fuck is wrong with people?

  4. My opinion about the iphone x: 1000$ Fucking Dollars So much Money for a phone that is like the Galaxy s8 There is not one feature I consider worth paying 1000$ To buy that overpriced Sansung clone nothing is ground-breaking The front looks like a android phone None of the features on show are innovative Pretty much everything the Iphone x has his already found on other phones and even the Galaxy s6 has wireless charging Yes that´s just what i needed. How revolutionary, now i can animate shit with my facial expressions A ROTTEN APPLE The Face ID live demo failed facial recognition is nothing new or ground-breaking you can unlock a S8 it you ugly face wireless charging near-bezel less oled display and no home button has already been done on other phones the iphone x is more like the Galaxy S8 but it costs more and it´s not even worth spending 1000$ Apple are falling behind Luckily Apple has loads of fanboys who are willing to spend anything for a iPHONE and how much the 256gb version costs? probaly worth more than me i would never pay 100edit:0$ for a phone for fucks sake i really can´t believe Apple considers this a revolutionary phone that will change phones forever that´s is the truth if all you buy is iPHONES but Android phone users will no see this as revolutionary the iPHONE X is not innovative their only innovation is charging $1000 for a phone that is no better than the S8 but don´t tell the Cult of Apple that damming fact i´m sure it gonna sel well Apple could sell a apple for $10 and a and apple fans would buy it the iPHONE X does not impress me at all i don´t understand why Apple made an iPHONE 8 as well that still the same boring desing and little has changed compared to the iphone 7 i liked the name iphone x when the iPHONE XXX gonna come?

  5. You know who i hate most brainwashed kids who think something is good if its expensive, the iphone X is light years away from android and is always try to catch up. The Apple iphone X hasn't even got the IP68 rating and thats pretty sad also its funny how they advertise face id as its like revolutionary new tech when its been out on android phones since 2013 lol it's taken android 4 years to add face id. EVEN MY MOTOROLA G5 has face id. Also you know whats even more funny a phone ( iphone x) is more expensive than my METABOX ALPHA N85OHJ which costs $1100 and has crazy good specs which i can't be bothered to state (search it up if you want), i think a sane person can understand why the iphone x is the shittest phone on the market and apple is a company which doesn't care about its consumers which is the reason why there products are not compatible with android phones because they provide all these paid stores like itunes and the app store so your always giving them your money

  6. Can someone tell me the best edge to edge screen protector for the iPhone X because I got the Zagg version and it doesn’t cover nearly enough of the surface also leaves a rainbow 🌈 effect along the sides of it. Can someone please help me choose the best one??

  7. Whats up i love your reviews i live in Trinidad that's in the Caribbean i'm a sickly person i don't work hook me up with one of those big phones please i have a samsung galaxy y tiny ass phone lolz i'm on what's app 18683553042 Merry Christmas And Have A Happy New Year!


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