Soph and Happy Homelands

Some thoughts concerning Soph’s appearance on Happy Homelands. Her interview can be found here.

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  1. I dunno you guys. She looks extremely Ashkenazi, especially with the hair and the Ben Shapiro face. Soph also means "end" in Hebrew. We have also yet to meet or see this mysterious brother and her script writer that lives in Brazil.

  2. Not sure I am along with RamZ on this borderline cucking. Soph needs to hit the gas and run even harder over these walking abortions. They double down on everything and so should we.

  3. 7:30 They are aware that her opinions is not news. But their intention is to publish a malicious hit piece, an ill-intended gossipy article, disguised as a news article. Once published, they use it to leverage their desire to financially destroy their opposition.

  4. If your in the right. You can bring anyone of any age along. If small mistakes are made so what.
    It's a moral persons responsibility especially an authentic Catholics to expose the kids 100%
    Of course as you said the only opposition is evil and stupid and somewhere between that. And needs to be trampled on by clever souls

  5. I'm really pissed at how ramzpaul whored himself out to this drama for views … and If you are turned on by a minor reading scripted rhetoric using vile language … you are a pedo plain & simple.

  6. Soph is amazingly intelligent for her age. Brings hope to the new generation coming up. I got my first dial-up internet when I was 14 over the old 33.6 kbps modem and 386 desktop computer and spent afternoons after school getting fat and playing DOOM online (over dial-up, it sucked, 200 ms lag… and then mum [mom] would pick up the landline phone…^#*@*&.). Boy was I dumb back then at that age compared to Soph…


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