Social Rot of VICTIMHOOD & Microaggression Culture

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Comment (28)

  1. People would argue that banning Alex Jones or silencing conservative opinions on YouTube is not a violation of free speech because it's not the government doing it. However, it does go against the principle of free speech, you shouldn't support private companies going against principles you hold dear. The conclusion is that the people who support YouTube banning dissenting opinions don't value the principles of free speech, they are willing to make exceptions or throw it out completely if they think it will benefit them. Sure the Government isn't doing it…yet, if private companies are allowed to do this unchecked it's only a matter of time before the Government is emboldened to do it themselves. The first amendment is not an obstacle to their willingness to censor opinions they don't like if the people don't value the principles that the first amendment represents.

  2. Ayn Rand mentioned the useful idiots:

    “The greatest guilt of today is that of people who accept collectivism by moral default; the people who seek protection from the necessity of taking a stand, by refusing to admit to themselves the nature of that which they are accepting; the people who support plans specifically designed to achieve serfdom, but hide behind the empty assertion that they are lovers of freedom, with no concrete meaning attached to the word; the people who believe that the content of ideas need not be examined, that principles need not be defined, and that facts can be eliminated by keeping one's eyes shut. They expect, when they find themselves in a world of bloody ruins and concentration camps, to escape moral responsibility by wailing: 'But I didn't mean this!'” ― Ayn Rand

  3. Why are these female "activists " so unattractive ? They look like raging dolls, fat, ugly and most likely haven't been laid for years. Maybe that's their problem. Lets ask Jordon Peterson.

  4. Say what you want, if your government shuts you up, your government is to be removed. Your freedom is not free, you need to fight for it, every generation has bullies and thugs, and every generation needs freedom fighters to counter them.

  5. I had a person tell me yesterday that it was immoral to have kids because it would feed into the systems that keep the third world down. Imagine being a person who thinks you should not pass your genes down because of something a bunch of banks, corporations, and politicians do…….

  6. "There are already 7.5B people so we (white people of the West) should just not get babies! That wll teach Africa, India and China!" – Leftist of the West

    Africa, India, muslim world and China: "We don't care, ty for the free land resources in 0-80 years after you guys are all dead."

  7. I remember when allowed comments on virtually every story posted, though you had to post through your Facebook account, which counted me out, because I HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER touch Facebook with a 10-foot pole, but it WAS nice to see so many others calling out the propaganda ministries.

    SUDDENLY, the ability to comment was "temporarily" removed (not long after Trump was inaugurated… JUST BY COINCIDENCE!), replaced with a vague statement:

    "MSN has temporarily removed commenting on our websites. In the meantime, we are finding better ways for you to carry out discussions on the issues you care about.".

    So far, two years later: crickets

  8. the tools will render themselves extinct eventually. scream until their voices are broke. disappear up their own vacuum of despair . It can't come soon enough!

  9. Whyyyy Devin!?!?! Whyyyyyyyyyyy😵😵…..😱😱😱….. I thought you were… My ….frrr…..frrrr…..frriiiiiend 😭😭😭. Why would you use the evil eye mind control on us!


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