Removing The Notch From iPhone X

The iPhone X “Notch” has been a topic of much discussion. Some don’t seem to mind it while others despise it. Today, an app hit the scene claiming to rid your iPhone X of it’s notch. The “Notch remover App” is currently (surprisingly) available in the iOS app store. What do you think? If you’ve got an iPhone X has the notch been bothering you or have you gotten used to it?

iPhone X Notch Remover App –


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Comment (43)

  1. I can’t understand for the life of me why they would design the notch , the majority of people agree it’s hideous . I just think for 1k phone they could designed it like the note 8 . I also hate that for 1k you don’t get a 128g storage this is enough for me to jump ship to android for my next phone . You really are not getting the value for a 1k phone in my opinion . Apple bs marketing of it being a bigger screen when the videos are cropped down it’s actually smaller then the 7 plus

  2. can someone make an edge to edge display phone without the curved off edges of the galaxy and without the notch of the iphone, cant we just have a normal screen

  3. The notch is extremely extremely ugly. and i am an apple fan. please renove the notch. I willnot replace my iphone8 with a phone that has notch in it. I will be forced to buy samsung. HATEnotch very much!!!!!!

  4. I think the itch makes the iPhone different from all of the other phones. Saying that I think apple should make a switch in settings to do what this app does, but everywhere, for the people who dislike the notch.


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