NPC Journalism & the Democrat Slide to the FAR LEFT

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Cultural Schizophrenia

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Comment (24)

  1. Oh my emperor what the fuck is that? A degenerate that is on about what? Im lost for words how fucked up all of this is. We need a world war to flush this people out. The parents needs to be sent into jail and the kid needs mental help, or a mercy killing. Looks like the westen civilisation has gone down the far end. This makes me think the end of an empire. That is so odd, the word jurnalist ment something back in the day now they are all for being puching libtardism.

  2. 11 year old drag kid dancing and having money thrown at them: COOL BRO
    14 year old kid making edgy jokes: FAR RIGHT, BAN, SILENCE THEM!

    Im sorry… My brain really fucking hurts right now… Im not shocked, just… Im actually pissed, REALLY pissed at this. The civil war is getting close and the enemies are becoming clear on both sides. Both thinking they are the correct, but one side is going about things all the wrong way and becoming literal fascists. I recently rewatched the riots from the Trump election. I really find that 2020 may be a poetic year. I hope more people can find common ground, I hope people dont let others opinions dictate them and keep conversation open and try to work things out, but im afraid we are past that point. Corporate greed, deep state, tech giants, those are the biggest enemies, not each other, but for some its too late. I dont know any of you personally that read this, but keep conversation open until its shut down regardless of opinions. Once there is no speech, there can only be violence.

  3. Tran's kid's are the worst kind of abuse, you aren't old enough to have a beer, but you are old enough to cut off your genitals and destroy the rest of your life, even pedophilia isn't as bad, because as bad as the abuse is, you can recover from it, you can't recover from castration and mutilation.

  4. Wait a minute? That other drag person on the couch is on ketamine while making this video with this 11 year old kid? And boasting about it? Am I getting that right?

  5. There are no Democrats left in this country, they are far left wing zealots and filled with hate against everything good and decent. They are evil in it's purest form.


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