My Crimes Against Political Correctness

Fellow thoughtcriminals, I’ve been in the news a lot today, so let’s take a look at what our moral betters have been saying.

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  1. You know they’re going to bash you with the ‘I wouldn’t even rape you’ nonsense forever. Probably best to put out some kind of statement about this specifically.

  2. Sue them for libel.
    Now that you're a political actor it is defamation and causes you damage.
    Make them all correct it to "not rape".
    And also force them to issue an apology article, not just a small retroactive correction no one will see.

    Sue them all together at once and allude at collision to hurt you.

  3. Drinking game: Shot of Beefeater every time Sargon says "Rape" and 2 shots when he says "Rape Tweet". Unless you're Irish, Scottish, Slavic, Polish or Russian keep 9*1 dialled on the phone for quick medical assistance. Natives don't even try, please.

  4. Just look at that middle class white woman how smug she is. No offence this is an honest question why do whites get controlled by their own women? Why do white women have so much power?

  5. "How is that satire?"
    Well, even if it isn't, it's still not a bad thing.

    Dead straight face, "I wouldn't even rape you" is just as non threatening as a bent over howling, tears down the face "I wouldn't even rape you"

    Unless Marr thinks the only way it can be satire is if you said you WOULD rape her?
    Marr seems like a dirty rapist.

  6. You know Carl, you keep saying not to treat these people like they treat us but you make an interesting point about taking Marr's "I wouldn't rape you" comment sans context and accusing him of being a rapist.

    The only way they'll see how stupid they are is if they actually taste their same old medicine they've been dishing out, like for like.

  7. To Verstodt, from a 'Nazi': I am honored about how you have created the fourth Reich, but you drink like Stalin. Focus on cleaning up our mistakes and you will be a better Furher than Merkel🤡🍹


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