My Campaign to become an MEP for South West England

It’s time to be the change we want to see.

Service guarantees citizenship:

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  1. Good luck with your campaign.

    But seriously, you need the luck. There'll be alot of character assassinations, accusations, libel and slander flung your way that Trump might get envious of the amount of attention you're getting. Negative, true, but attention none the less.

  2. FABULOUS !!! The more articulate intelligent British people in that Nest of Vipers the better…the 4th REICH EU is CORRUPT , I hope you get in………Please find their Achilles Heel …….protect yourself ……GOD be with you

  3. I can't support any party that continues support of the vile nhs.
    "we're for the working class" yes so tax them 49% of everything they earn and leave them to die in a shitty socialist hospital with akmed and his shit smothered hands… yes very kind

  4. As someone who lives in the East Midlands, this has PISSED ME OFF. I’d vote for you as my MEP in a heartbeat, Sargon, but sadly an unable to…..who are UKIP offering here? No one me I’ve heard of….

  5. Benjamin, I'm an American. How much could $50,000 us dollars get me for shelter etc..,if I wanted to move to England & help your campaign. I hate the USA & I hate my state of Taxachusettes..


    "Now what we have to understand is that this comes from an extremely clever and skillful program, that has manipulated us into ways of thinking that may be contrary to our own interests, but beneficial to the interests of the powers that be… Beneficial to the interests of those who control our lives, and tax us until we have hardly a penny left to spend, take our money, and plough it into the creation of huge, armed bureaucracies, which exist to oppress us. We live in a society today where we may not make decisions, to explore our own consciousness. If I am not sovereign over my own consciousness, then I am sovereign over nothing, nothing…" – Graham Hancock


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