Milo vs. Lauren

Milo alleges corruption within Lauren Southern’s organization.

Say Farewell to the Klepto Queens of the British Far-Right

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  1. What is the point of this video? All you did was give a lukewarm apology for these people. They aggressively pursued fame and money they are NOT excused because of their age. Just a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths masquerading as "independent individuals"

  2. Who the f are you and were the f did you come from? Seriously. You want people to take your manic presentation seriously? You come across as an idiot…and there's likely a reason for that.

  3. The moment she released her documentary and faked the “YouTube censorship” by deleting her initial upload to sell DVDs she confirmed what I have always assumed. She’s just a swindler. She takes her male thirst followers for a cash cow and laughs all the way to the bank.

  4. It's hilarious how these figures end up at the top spots on these "dissident right" movements. So many Socialists are living in traditional families and sending their kids to good schools. Conservashits are just begging non-whites and LGBTQ people for their blessing.
    If Lauren wants legitimacy for her work (I liked both her movies), she needs to address this. Especially about talking to Hope not Hate. Even if she fucked up, she needs to come clean and set the record straight.

  5. I don't think that her exchanging sex for scrips falls under her private life. After all, involves her work, which some people paid to see. She was probably scoping you too as a potential partner.

  6. I just don't buy all that story that she appeared out of nowhere and became "celebrity" over night that makes documentaries etc. I think someone has pushing her. After all to make documentaries u need money. Who gave her money?? I just dont buy that story about her ""success"

  7. The reason I like watching the girl reporters is because they are usually what's your fool more Brave more outspoken and they don't sit there and talk about your s*** about each other and the guys especially like the guys do them. Cuz like you said earlier the waitress serving you at the restaurant is doing her job no matter what she does off work and most the guys make all the s*** they talk about the girls on YouTube into something about sex using something bad and all you do is talk s*** like a bunch of f**** old hands. And the women are just way more beautiful and fun to watch.

  8. there's nothing more conservative than gay orgies with 1000's of dollars worth of champagne! while progressives think this is so passé and aim instead for trans interracial orgies with 1000's of dollars worth of crack!


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