Margret's Truth Bombs #Plymouth

She knew precisely what she wanted to say.

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  1. The EU collapsed hulls economy with its fishing laws because of the instability we've seen years of underage pregnancy, bombed out buildings and druggies walking the streets because no one in parliament cares to help the north

  2. She’ll be the rally call in the British revolution 😂 I’d hope the US would intervene and stare down the EU and return sovereignty the the British people and give them a 1st and 2nd amendment while we’re at it

  3. Sargon, its about time you came home and started truth bombing about the kalergi plan.

    We are being replaced. It's not an arguable position at this point.

  4. This lady has lived through many eras and she knows how these politicians see us as their ticket to a good life for themselves
    They are not interested in what they can do for us BUT WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR INTERESTS

  5. What an absolute legend, theres no pulling the wool over this lady's eyes. Anyone with an IQ over 85 knows everything she said is true, the problem is the majority seem to be under 85 these days.

  6. As much as I am loath to defend appeasement, there is an important reason why it happened. Britain and France had relaxed their militaries. Because the Germans had been allowed years to build up we could not be sure of a victory on the continent if we declared war immediately. The greatest proof of this in my opinion is the French infantry rifle. The French military had been planning to adopt a semi-auto rifle since ww1 but in 1936 they came out with the mas 36 which was a bolt action rifle, worse but cheap and made for auxiliary units. Now if they were expecting war (and note by this point Hitler was already in power) they would have just rushed out the semi auto. However because of the rapid build up the French had to slow down development of the semi auto rifle, and just mas produced the 36, but of course, they couldn't outfit the entire army with the wave of a hand so appeasement happened as to facilitate the buildup of France and England's armies, otherwise they'd have been absolutely butchered using archaic guns against the German war machine. Now in reality, France still got absolutely destroyed but this is just trying to explain the rationale behind appeasement

  7. Haha 'Trying to destroy the British people' dont think the post war gov's where trying to get rid of all the whites but maybe they had more pressing matters like filling jobs in a job crisis. Hmmmmmmm

  8. In 1944 the Nazis bombed her house at Christmas. All it did, was piss her off. Gotta love the fire in her. Why isn't anyone trying to get her to run for MP??? She'd decimate her opposition.

  9. I'm from the United States of America and this Patriotism brought tears to my eyes.
    We need to do what's right before we witness what she has witnessed.
    There's no reason history should repeat itself whenever we have the answers.

  10. Margaret is an absolute boss and it struck me the difference between this lady who literally had bombs dropping on her as a child and the young girl who spoke just after her and the younger women who spoke before her who were completely neurotic and afraid and demanding the right to feel safe.
    The law of unintended consequences strikes again.
    Margaret wouldn't have been coddled as a child, she wouldn't have had ever convenience handed to her on plate she would have been taught discipline and responsibility.
    The other two exactly the opposite and look at the result, completely psychologically damaged neurotics afraid of everything, no self discipline and everything is someone else's fault.

  11. If you hadn't fought the Germans then you wouldn't facing what you are now love kek. What is happening IS what they were fighting because the Jews were doing it to them then just as they are doing to you and all the rest of Europe now.


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