MAGA Grifters

Ashley StClair, a TPUSA leader, was caught on video mocking the wall and immigration. Was MAGA just a scam?

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  1. Illegal aliens are a fake thing? Ever been in CA? Los Angeles?… Ok my apartment complex has changed quickly.. It's probably 85% recent immigrants.. Don't even hardly speak English. This has all happened in last 5 years… And these are not cheap apartments.. There are more illegals in my apartment building than she claimed were in Colorado!

    This e-thot is a grifter just the same as paycheck Republicans like Nicole Wallace who tanked McCains candidacy. This is dangerous as hell. If you are giving money to any of these thots, you are part of the problem. Lauren Southern is another example.

  2. Apparently you didn't notice,
    that the vast majority of war and genocide,
    was/is due to deluded superstitious religion.
    How many whites with adopted 'brown' children,
    Kill those children for being another race?
    How many brown parents adopt white children?
    You'll find just about zero, in both cases.


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