LIVESTREAM 8PM ET!! | Cultural Appropriation Month, James O'Keefe Guests & Censorship WAR!

Be here TONIGHT at 8pm ET/7pm CT for the LWC Livestream with James O’Keefe, Half-Asian Lawyer Bill Richmond, and celebrate Cultural Appropriation Month!


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  1. Think ur main problem with notification is that when u first click on it it only notifying you sometimes. If u click a second time it gives u an option for all notification or personalized notifications.

  2. I'm protesting Stephen Crowder, I heard he raped a transgender Alex Jones and now she's pregnant. Alex is showing herself to be a strong woman coming forward and saying despite her choice to abort she is keeping the child and entering courtship negotiations with Mr Crowders parents. If you do not do right by this woman I will have you shut down Steven!

  3. Stop saying your shows are live. They are not live and you know it. Owen Benjamin exposed you on that. But even before that we knew that you feel my majority of your show on Wednesday. And that the rest of it gets filmed around 3 pm. Stop saying your life. That is fraud that is misleading that is reason to give you a YouTube Community guidelines strike

  4. Also, quit wearing that wrist brace you don't have a legitimate injury. Quit being such a bitch. Fibromyalgia is a made-up social construct for old women.

  5. Bullshit. I don't believe for one second that your employer likes Iron Maiden. If he did he would know Jack. Bunch of fucking posers as in everything you do

  6. If your going to claim your channel is comedy than make it about comedy and not your personal agenda. you can not declare comedy were ever you want just because you have acted on a stated of comedians. specially when your channel is not engaged in content for the purpose to make people laugh.

  7. Is YouTube deliberately making it impossible to watch your livestreams or am I just having technical difficulties on my end? The last two shows have been practically unwatchable during the stream. They keep stopping and giving me an error.

  8. Crowder you scam bot … what a Canadian your are …Mr. whatcha ma call ya. You’re trying to hurt Youtube and make them be evil. You are a piece of shit! YouTube should kick your ass off their publishing platform so you can hire Jay Sekulow to defend your pathetic parody’s. Michael Landon would turn over in his grave for being the dirtbag you are. Grow a pair Mr. Stark. Call me dilly dilly.


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