Las Vegas Massacre: What They’re NOT Telling You

Are all white men to blame?

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  1. Ban guns and regular law abiding citizens would be disarmed while criminals would be still armed.
    Libtards want a disarmed, dumb society so they can do whatever they want like rape.

  2. 1. It wasn’t fully automatic, he used an attachment called a bump stock that allows semi automatics to fire as if it were fully automatic. 2. Fully automatic rifles are not illegal in the United States, you are permitted to own and open carry them if you have a class 3 fire arms license. Laws may vary state to state. No hate, I’m just trying to correct you on some facts. And a personal opinion for the heck of it, an armed society is a polite society, if I’m going to rob a bank or try to commit mass murder, would I rather commit said crime against people that I know do not have firearms or against a building of people open carrying AR 15s. I think I would think twice about attacking an armed society. Criminals don’t follow laws, they will get guns anyway. The only thing gun control does is limit your personal defense leading to a higher chance of death.

  3. We get it its fake and its the government but you got to remember the government is 10 steps ahead of us the more we look into this the more we think we know them but in reality us looking more into this is distracting us more and more

  4. Ya' gotta give this murderer high marks for effort, determination, and for formulating a plan & following it through. He died a bastard mothafucka, no doubt,, I'd rule the world ny now if I had his stick-to-it abilities.

  5. Stephen "New Vegas" Paddock
    Stephen "Talk Shit, get Hit" Paddock
    Stephen "I dont like Country Festivals" Paddock
    Stephen "Leave Mr House to me" Paddock
    Stephen "The White Shark" Paddock
    Stephen "Napalm in the Morning" Paddock

  6. Why blame muslim for any terror attack??go do a research,90% terror attack done by non why only muslim in the headline?i am a muslim live in Malaysia,a muslim country..something like this never happen in my country..don't blame Islam for some muslim did..there are 1.5 billion muslim in this world,are we all terrorist??It is easy to blame someone…don't judge something you don't know..Study about Islam before you judge it blindly..look at the Quran and prophet Muhammad s.a.w if you want to judge Islam,don't look at the muslim because a muslim do not present Islam..Quran and the prophet present Islam

  7. Implying that regulation does not affect the ability to get weapons is just false. Of course it will be still possible to get weapons, but the black market will have higher prices and will be much harder to reach. You mentioned that automatic guns are illegal, but you forgot to mention that the stock modification which turns a gun into automatic weapon can be bought in stores with no problems.
    Then you make a statement that if knives can kill people, should we ban them. Honestly, you must be biased as fuck to actually think this is a good counter argument. Knives are a highly used tool in everyday life, which is not much more deadly than a wrench, it has no range, and the attacker can be easily isolated and the potential damage he can do is nothing compared to what a gunman could do with modified semiautomatic or just semiautomatic weapon. Guns have no useful function for civilian life, you will not do a revolution, you will not take down Osama bin Laden 2, stop acting like guns are for something other than being fun and part of being an edgy kid. Considering "would we ban knives too" as a good counterargument is an insult to you own intelligence, its as stupid as all the SJW cringe arguments are made, its just that for this side of "youtube opinion echo chambers" the argument fits their bias so they tolerate it even though it is bullshit. And there you are right wing fanboys just like any other fanboys like left wing fanboys, spew stupid shit and make stupid arguments just to feel smart. They feel like they are fighting idiots, like SJWs, but they have fallen for the same biases, and they are no different from them in the end after all.
    Now you talk about ISIS involvement in Las Vegas massacre, don't ever preach about the fake news if you are one of the most obvious culprits to it.
    Then you try to make gun deaths since 1968 look irrelevant by saying that governments have created much higher death toll to unarmed civilians. Yeah, lets compare a developed nation and compare it to countries in turmoil and with genocides. Countries like Soviet Union with their social cleansing, or when it literary starved Ukraine to death, China with their "Great leap forward", and other totalitarian or colonialism caused genocides. Whoopty fucking doo, 3rd world countries have more causalities than 1st world ones, who the fuck would have thought of that? How about compare countries with comparable stability and different gun laws to see if there are less deaths? Western Europe has similar stability and prosperity, and lower gun deaths with higher gun regulations, but you conveniently hid the fact, didn't you? Nobody gives a shit about the fact that there are other ways to kill people, regulating guns reduces the ability to get one of the most convenient tool to kill, just because there are alternatives does not change the fact that reducing accessibility to guns reduces deaths.
    Then you argue that importing millions of muslim men would wreak havoc, meanwhile in EU there are quite are millions of them, and not like just 5 years ago or less, there are a lot of muslims who are 3rd generation muslims in Europe, and yet if you look at Global Terrorism Index, Russia and US has higher than EU average, so your argument just simply does not stand up to the numbers. I am not saying that countries should import immigrants, it can and usually does create some problems, but if you argue that it would tear the country apart, you are simply wrong, and you are one of the main contributors of creating those problems rather than proper integration.
    Fucking hell this guy is worse than fucking Buzfeed with their information. It doesn't matter what beliefs you hold and if this guys stance appeals to yours, if the guy is full of bullshit call him out on it. He doesn't make the right wing stronger, it makes it more of a joke. If you like guns, say so. They are hell of a fun. They cause more deaths, deal with it, you know it, dont be a hypocryte, you can acknowledge the fact and still like and want them. I dont have problem with having lower regulations, I have problem with people being in denial about the fact that there are no bad side effects of having low regulations on guns.

  8. Here are 2 facts this presenter would not tell you:
    1) He comes from a country with almost no constant mass shooting.

    2) They have tighter gun laws in his indigenous country.

    3) His is not making these videos as a hobby, he is fully sponsored and ensure he looks like it's not.


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