Imam Tawhidi: The TRUTH About Islam

In this interview with Imam Tawhidi, the Imam discusses his 2018 book The Tragedy of Islam, as well as the debate surrounding the religion’s history, doctrine, stance on women’s rights, Mohammed, and its connections to terrorism and extremism.

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Comment (30)

  1. "Not everything that comes from God is peaceful."

    The man speaks the truth. You don't have to go any further than the Torah to see God killing humanity by the bucketfuls. Even in the New Testament, Jesus was quite clear that he "came not to bring peace, but a sword."

  2. Lauren, please do ur research and look up vidoes of his sermons that he preaches to his followers in the mosques (i.e. when the cameras arent rolling) your too smart to be taken in by this guy.

  3. sadly i feel like the imam is like king kanut rather than moses parting the red sea. i hope i'm wrong, but it is hard to see any change in the power politics in the islamic world, and with the weak willed western politcians and fake left, any kind of reform is unlikely.

    When britian openly admits it cannot provide asylum to Asia Bibi due to fear of unrest from certain groups, you know it's not long before the gates are opened for the barbarians

  4. Is this guy purposefully making Islam look bad? He is part of a fringe Muslim ideology. His explanation of the 'wife beating' verse was shocking. Why bring him on and not a normal, orthodox Muslim? That isn't fair from the host.

  5. I have a question, what do you think about numerology? If 7 is the number of perfection and 6 is the number of imperfection then why doesn’t the Bible have 77 books instead of 66?

    There are lots of books that where excluded from the Bible, can we trust the decisions of the councils that decided to exclude the books to be divinely inspired?

    I do Trust the KJV and I don’t trust the newer versions but I am still wondering if 66 books is the correct number when we consider the fact that six is a bad number.

  6. A brutally honest and thoughtful Imam. Thank you commentator for your well though out questions.
    It is a pleasure to listen to Imam Tawyidi and listen to a commentator who knows her topic

  7. The fact that deception is acceptable in order to promote Islam at all, regardless of whether it is needed or not, is all I need to know to understand the inherent problem within it. Rejection of truth, no matter the reason, is the one thing that separates us from God. God does not deceive. That is the tool of his enemy.

  8. I still consider Islam satanic in nature. But this man could be one of the few to change that for me (and the world) and for Islam itself. It's nice to hear him speak instead of reading out of context tweets. I would love for spiritual people inside different doctrines to see eachother as brothers and sisters, not mortal enemies because corrupt leaders have weaponized their way of life.

  9. Tawhidi is a liar and a rafidhah. Lean Islam from him will get the wrong information. Believe me. Just like learn about Christianity to someone who said Jesus is a sun God. LOL


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