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Thank you, again, everyone. Truly overwhelmed and blessed at the outpouring of support.
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  1. You ever get in trouble as a kid for tattling? It wasn't because you saw someone breaking the rules and had to report it, it's because you wanted to seem better than someone else. Whether it was for attention, revenge, or just power over another person, it was an appeal to authority. If you don't discipline this behavior your kids will subject themselves to authority to make themselves look good. It's absent of moral value, and completely selfish.

    "Carlos is just a selfish child unable to cope with his lack of power because he wasn't disciplined when he was younger" Change my mind.

  2. I would be likely to hate someone who I feel is attacking my livelihood. That makes me more extreme than this guy. Yep, I would probably be pretty pissed if you disrupted my entire life because you can't handle yourself. That would make you the bully. An actual bully, mind you.

  3. They sought to destroy you but only made you a martyr. They wanted to silence you, but only made your voice stronger. They wanted to weaken you but only made your cause stronger.

    I've been following you ever since the 2016 election, Crowder. I'll keep following you 'till the end. They can't stop you, only make you stronger. They STILL don't understand this.

  4. So regardless of what the MSM opinion coverage of this says, it appears people still value the freedom of speech over gay wonks…. to soon Vox, too soon. I bet if Vox had waited until after the 2020 elections they would have been more successful in their campaign to limit and direct free speech.

  5. Good luck on getting you demonetized.
    I hate it all you make your living on a left-right paradigm on the left against the right and for Trump against Trump.
    , you claim to be and evangical Christian yet you associate with Ben Shapiro who believes that our Lord Jesus Christ is burning in feces and piss ask him he believes it and you associate with that

  6. Even though I'm liberal, I respect Steven. Everything he stands for and all the opinions he has should be allowed to hit the public without backlash. People need to learn to fucking talk to each other instead of cry and hide

  7. We should fight these censoring bastards!
    I think we should overload their staff who LOVE TO CENSOR CONSERVATIVES by reporting every libtard post we deal with, JUST LIKE THEY DO US!
    Make them have to hire 10X the staff to review so many posts they can't censor EFFECTIVELY!
    When they deny a violation SUBMIT IT FOR A REVIEW !
    Keep them so busy they melt down!

  8. Glen Greenwald referred to you as "contemptuous cretin" but vehemently defended you at the same time and stands with those of us who believe in free speech.

  9. Really at the end of the day I don't hate vox but they got to stop with the childish behavior. They tried to take down bitwit who is a tech YouTubers because he did a mock video of one of there PC build guides at work obviously very wrong

  10. I would love to join but, due to my pursuit of free speech, my work's HR department fired me for defending a joke (which feminists lied about to get done – sheer libel).
    When I next get a job, I will definitely sign up with full support ✌🏽 keep up the good work man!


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