I Predicted the Christchurch Mosque Massacre

On March 15, 2019, a terrorist opened fire at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, killing at least 49 people. I have been predicting attacks like this for a decade. Unless we take steps to address the escalating tensions, we will continue seeing terrorist attacks.


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  1. This situation has been manipulated by politicians and the media in order to bring about depopulation by the masses killing each other to bring about their own agenda of reducing the world population of approximately 8bilion people down to 500million people. All of the Elite who back this insane agenda will of course survive and have the world as their own private reserve and resort. Different topic to thoroughly delve into at a different time yet I believe there is a connection.

  2. David you're absolutely right and the increase in tension has been writing on the wall. It's really horrible for those of us who have friends in multiple communities. I've had friends in temple, mosque & church most of my life. I cherish those relationships. Tonight I went to pull up my scarf while walking to the market and I realized wearing the scarf could put me in danger. It's not a good feeling.

  3. The problem is the very same media that censors all discussion about Islam gets to set the narrative for the attack. Any political fallout will not be to the benefit of the anti-Islam faction.

  4. I DO NOT condone violence for reasons other SELF DEFENSE. However, let’s be honest here for a second. Muslims have been terrorizing wherever they can. They have formed rape gangs that have abused girls and women, forced them into prostitution and have killed quite a few throughout Europe. The knife and acid attacks can’t be ignored either. At this point what should they do ? The men in the U.K. have just stood around like cowards. The only ones actually doing something are the Yellow Vest Movement in Europe.

  5. Does this mean Islamic countries can get rid of the apostasy law. Violence is never an answer to anything. No one should be threatened and be killed because of their beliefs. As a Christian I stand with the Muslims and my prayers go out to the families and loved ones. Muslims should now be speaking out about the apostasy laws and how they can be dismissed.

  6. A moske is a great place to find arselifters. As many here know, arselifters love to brag about how great they are and how great pislam is. One effect of this is to build large moskes to show off.
    The best thing about large moskes is that they can easily hold more arselifters than small moskes.

  7. Although I do condemn the loss of human lives. This was coming. And it came. Now Muslims know how it feels when terrorists attack. Muslims now will oink terrorists, Christians terrorists. Muslims! Get your own fucking shit right. This is exactly what Muslims do. How does it feel to get a taste of your own fucking medicine? Muslim call terrorists pigs 🐽 martyr. So is this guy a Martyr as well?

  8. But…But…But leftists who say "Terrorists have no religion or country" now claims "See! Non-Muslims can be terrorists as well! It proves how grave Islamophobia is"!

  9. The Strong Delusion at work . . . the existential battle against Satan's religion can NEVER be entered and therefore it WILL be lost and the Religion of AntiChrist will dominate the Earth as God foretold.

  10. Thank you David for this excellent and evenhanded analysis. If only western leaders could watch this and learn from it. However I'm afraid your gloomy prediction is correct. They will pass further laws to stifle freedom of speech and thought in order to protect Islam (itself the source of much hate speech, ironically), and result will be a an escalating cycle of violence.


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