How the Death of One Man SAVED Western Civilization

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Comment (47)

  1. Charles Martel says, let the hordes come. Do you honestly have so little faith in Europeans? You're talking about a Europe that used to be peopled by the men who conquered the world, not the metrosexuals that populate the place now.

  2. You don't destroy knowledge, you can only delay it. Alexandria was destroyed, setting knowledge back in the world, but that knowledge was eventually rediscovered. Even assuming the Mongols destroyed Paris and other centers of learning, the knowledge could be rebuilt.

  3. Wrong. The army that crushed the Hungarians at Mohi did not have the manpower or technology needed to conquer Europe. Some estimate the total force to have been only six tumens. The winter of 1241-42 was particularly cold, allowing them to cross the Danube over the ice, yet they were unable to take the Hungarian walled cities and forts on the Western side, probably because they brought limited engineers with them. The death of Ogodei would not have stopped a determined Mongol force either, at best caused a delay. Batu’s army was basically scouting Central/Western Europe and withdrew strategically to the Ukraine in 1242 to prepare for another invasion later. That invasion was continuously put off due to internal divisions and other priorities. When it finally came in 1284, it was crushed by the Hungarians because the Golden Horde just wasn’t what the Mongols used to be. To conclude, Europe was too far and too well defended for your scenario to ever happen. Distance proved to be Europe’s divine wind so to speak. Had Europe been next to the Mongol steppes, like China, it would have suffered China’s fate. The conquest would have left many dead, the Mongols would have ruled for a relatively short time before native dynasties reasserted themselves. In fact, Europe and Christendom may have emerged more united and determined than they have been otherwise.

  4. Khan’s mother was kidnapped and forced to marry someone else, leading to his existence. He then had to endure having his wife kidnapped and raped before rescuing her and raising a child that probably wasn’t his. He managed to eventually unify his country and reformed certain practices. The problem is that he and his sons raped and pillaged during their conquest. How can someone who knows what it’s like to have their wife taken away do the same thing to others?

  5. I don't believe the mongols would have been able go further then Hungary they suck in wooden area which saves most of the holy Roman empire and they suck in narrow valley and mountains which is how the Muslim beat them back in galilee

  6. Actually mongol conquests created the Western Civilization. They eliminated the very potent Middle Eastern civilizations killing 5% of the world's population thus eliminating major centers of (arab and persian) islam and allowing for the rise of the Ottomans who although fought the West for five centuries could never as potently endanger it to the level as the aftermath of Arab conquests did after the 600s. They also eliminated all the middle men in the trade with the East allowing spices, silk etc. to flood to Europe through their trade network in a single Eurasian Empire and create the desire to explore alternate ways of trade. They destroyed the northern part of China and made the Chinese isolationist in the critical centuries when they could have competed with Europe in discovering the world. Their empire and the trade was the reason the black plague made it to Europe wiping out 1/3 of its population forcing Europeans to invent their way out of labor shortages and set them on the path leading to science and eventually the industrial revolution. Not to mention the resistance to these pathogens made it possible for Europeans to colonize Northern American and mostly replace its original inhabitants. The populationsthe mongols decimated were in the Heartland of Eurasia therefore allowing the Rimland the sea power nations to rise to prominence. Most critically they decimated and subjugated the Kievan and Novgorod Rus (Russia) and delayed its rise until the 1700-1800s and by that time the sea powers developed the Western Civilization.

    In 1241 the mongols reached and defeated Hungary and Poland but they could not break through Vienna, so it was not the death of the mongol leader but the capabilities of heavy cavalry that learned how to face light infantry from previously fighting the Hungarians for three centuries (since 896) that was the crucial stopping block in their raids.

  7. I thank God that my country(Philippines) never experience what the west had been thru. Like the mongol invasion, hundred years war, the black plague, WWI, and etc. Although we didn't escape WWII but I'm pretty sure my ancestor where safe during the dark ages.

  8. Ahistorical bullshit. The reason for the troops lead by Subutai left Europe was indeed the news of the death of the khan, but that doesn't answer why they didn't go back to Europe.. Why not include the sources from the secret history of the mongols that talk about Europe as having no use and being a wrought with disease and poverty..Oh because it doesn't make as potent of a dog whistle for you? These huge leaps in progress you talk about, you understand that all of those thinkers you mentioned got their inspiration from eastern sources right? Why not mention that the mongols also had a hugely beneficial affect on Europe after never returning west of the Kevian rus? How bout the Pax Mongilica? Why did the mongols return to places like Russia and Armenia but not Europe? Europe was found on a whim by Subutai in the effort to track down a fleeing sultan..They raided it then when asked if he thought it would be worth taking a horde back the answer was a hard no. Multiple times there was huge mongol armies situated in Russia that could of easily made their way into Europe. The mongols gave Europe a pass because it was way behind the rest of the world the mongols had to cross to get to it, when you have China in your backyard why would you waste time with little old Europe? Europe had long term benefit from mongol interaction, this is just historical fact, this is what made the space for Europe to finally catch up with the rest of the world. No mongols = no European cavalry development, no hamburger, no uniform tax rate, no horse courier systems, no projectile development, no gunpowder, no eastern sources like the Arabic used to set up our alphbet, oh and all the livestock.. Euro-centric garbage is all this is. I'd say you need to read more but i have the suspicious feeling that wouldn't remedy the problem.
    FYI most the 'individuals' that watch your videos think the moon landing is fake so that was a waste.
    Tell your mom i said hi,

  9. Khan was the Pol Pot of his day….a return to an agrarian society…bastards also brought the Plague with them…thank god for cats…cats saved us from that Death. Damn we are a Blessed race.

  10. Fascinating video. The rise of the modern world depended on many things, such as historical quirks like the random death of one man like Ogedei Khan. Here is another quirk of time, that led to the rise of science and technology and the modern world:

    Yes, as BPS said, for good or ill, Europeans invented the modern world. But the question is why Europeans? Why not some other group? Part of the answer, is there have been a lot of geniuses in Europe. But why is that? Why so many world changing geniuses, in one particular area of the world? A curious answer I now believe to be true, is a quirk of recent evolution gave rise to this phenomena. For about a thousand years in Europe, breeding patterns show that the bottom 10% of Europeans died off. They did not breed. The richest bred the most. This went on, generation after generation. Since intelligence and wealth are correlated, this meant in time a very significant increase in European intelligence…..which led to quite a few geniuses in European populations. These men invented the modern world.

    So it was basically a quirk of very recent evolution that produced the modern world. Smart Europeans bred more for a thousand years, produced a lot of geniuses who invented everything you see. This fact troubles me greatly, because something that was so fickle and peculiar in arising, is likely to go away on a whim and a quirk, just as it arose on an evolutionary whim and a quirk. This might all go away in time, for obvious reasons:

    Europeans invented the modern world and part of why this is a problem is that our new modern world that Europeans invented, it has now reversed the pattern of the more intelligent breeding at a higher rate than the poor. Now the overall pattern is, the more intelligent a woman, the less likely she is to have children. The less intelligent she is, the more likely she is to have children. That's true in all races, by the way. Why is this new pattern of smart Europeans breeding less happening? It's pretty simple: Smart European women get degrees and get ahead, in the modern world….(which their European ancestors invented.)

    Such genetic quirks gave rise to the modern world, and a subtle change in those quirks can end the modern world. That's why I have issues with feminism. Feminism promotes this low fertility among the more intelligent. In the long run, this pattern is a disaster for Europeans. It's a disaster for the continuance of the modern world. A disaster for all humans of all religions and skin colors.

    The data is already in and it does not look good.

    Europeans are getting dumber, as a result. Stefan Molyneux and Dr. Michael Woodley discuss that here:

    Dr. Woodley's book:

    If we are to survive, we need to figure out how history and progress actually works. My attempt to put the pieces together, on evolution and technology and feminism:

  11. Britain would have been just fine. With all that water between them and the enemy AND a navy to skirmish with the enemy , most likely britain would have appraised the threat and landed an army at Calais, gathered what was left of the european armies and mounted a powerful attack. The key country to ruin and take over europe is Britain – destroy/ ruin britain and europe is finished. Britain has about another ten years so europe has about another ten years before it implodes.

  12. Europe has been attacked relentlessly by Central Asians since late antiquity (their heavily mixed raced heirs still do) , the only people who brought them to a halt and then conquered them back are the Russians

  13. Thank you for speaking on the truth. Now we face OUR Barbarian invasion to stop. Unfortunately, The Crescent Horde has its collaborators embedded in our governments, like bureaucratic ticks. I’m hopeful that the people will rise TOGETHER-white, Black, ALL-and stop the coming doom.

  14. I must say that I am shocked by the level of ignorance in this video. If the Mongols had smashed Europe, we would easily have 10 times the innovation, with the white man minding his own dang business and all. Just think about it: we could be living among the stars, my kings. Wakanda Forever


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