Happy Homelands – Roosh

Roosh is one of the most famous, and controversial, relationship advice authors in the world today. Roosh’s most recent books include “Game” (seduction advice for men) and “Lady” (advice to women as to how to find the man of her dreams.)


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  1. "Lord, make me chaste. B-b-b-b-but not just yet."

    Roosh is like a kid who ate tons of peanut-butter and jelly sammiches and now likes Whoppers. He's not "wiser," just older. He tapped so much poon he's, er, tapped out.

  2. Roosh is like Traci Lords. She was a porn star who lied about her age…made buckets of money…got older…ruined the lives of the producers she duped…and is now anti-porn. Similarly, Roosh hits the WALL (age 40) in 4 months: June 14th. He's no longer the "wild oat sowing" bonemeister.

  3. Roosh was a virgin until 22. Warren Beatty didn't get laid until 20. Both went on bangathons thereafter.

    Someone said Beatty banged 12,775 women. Even he said that's impossible.

    He was single for 35 years. Even if he shtupped a vag per month, that'd only be 420. Yet I'm sure he went months with one female. Plus he got married at 55 and must have been slowing down somewhat, what with age and movie-making (acting, directing, producing, etc.)

    So half: 210 beddings?

    I suspect it's more like 100 since, unlike Roosh, he (1) wasn't trying to pound poon 24-7-365; (2) had women hitting on him; and (3) probably didn't feel the urge-to-merge that less handsome/wealthy men feel due to having to "work for it" more.

    Too bad so many women are such shits when younger. I think if guys found it easier to get laid they'd not obsess about it so much. It's like food: if you're starving you think about eating all the time. But if you eat regularly, you're mentally free to do other things.

    Of course, like eating, there are also sex disorders whereby people "use" sex to kill pain, fill holes in souls, etc.

  4. I think Roosh is right about a psy-op in play to destroy heterosexuals. Race mixing, soyism, 3rd wave feminism got to be elements of a social engineering matrix. Roosh s statement about woman around the world have 'same basic hardware, but can run any software' example was great. Tina describe older Finnish women that forgoes family, began taking migrants in as surrogate family. I have seen that a lot of this surrogating in American trailer parks, but its young Mexican men with cat lady types. Younger black parolees with old white women too. They started as prison pen pals.


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