Half Drunk, Oops Baby, Life Over? Freedomain Call In

Hi Stefan,

I think I’ve got a pretty good one for you.

First, I want to thank you for your work which helped me a lot with my struggles.

My name is [x]. I’m 25 years old Civil Engineer and I’m a Brazilian. I’ve always been suffering from anger issues with my ex, whom I have a 2 years old son with. Since the beginning of our turbulent relationship, I’ve been extremely angry towards her. I’ve never been angry with my other exes, only with her.

My anger starts with any move by her. Now we are having problems with our son, who is having aggressive issues in school. This makes me very angry, because I know this problem has something to do with our break up, and him being raised with separate parents.

I would like to know where is this coming from and if this is normal.

I think this subject will be interesting for the show, because this history involves an accidental pregnancy, depression, suicide attempt by my part, her struggling after the pregnancy, masculine behavior and a panoramical view of feminism in “third world” countries. I think a lot of people could benefit from that.

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Comment (26)

  1. "It's a common culture here receive allowance" hahahahaha, this guy is definitely part of a very very very small minority of people. Most guys here in Brazil have to work really hard, I started to work when I was 7 and never ever received any allowance, actually when I wanted to buy a toy for me for example, my father uses to make me pay for it, pay for my own toys and guess what? I learned how to be a real responsible man. This guy needs to stop being weak, get the shit out of his stupid lifestyle and man up. btw, if you're reading it, you need to work out on your accent.

  2. who else is gonna stab your president elect, burn.
    you told him exactly what he needed to hear bravo! hopefully he will be able to implement some of your advice.

  3. This guy is a man child, who can’t take any responsibility. This is a tell tale case of if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. The bar slut woman wanted the bar slut lover to take the test bc if it’s between lover and boyfriend, she’s hoping you’ll confirm that boyfriend is the father and that way she doesn’t have to tell the boyfriend that she’s hoeing around. Folks, if you want to avoid pain, make choices that reflect that desire. I have no hope this guy will change. He still isn’t taking responsibility. Love ya, Stef, but you went way too easy on this bozo.

  4. Man! I was so lucky to be nerd, too lazy for partying around and hanging out with girls (maybe I was a MGTOW without knowing what this shit was) before I knew Stefan… For a man raised by a single mother, I could easily end destroying my life doing that. 8 /


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