God, Apologetics, Hip-Hop Music, and Culture (casual conversations part 2)

What does music, and hip hop music say about our culture and how it affects our ability to do apologetics? Jon and Joey have a casual conversation about it.

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Casual Conversation Mini Series:

Part 1: https://youtu.be/pMSzPamrbAg

Part 2: https://youtu.be/ehHBamTklhc

Part 3: https://youtu.be/ZptMSlOFm6A

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  1. Have you researched most of the genres in hip hop? Or rap you're missing out if you havent i have and research horrorcore hopsin was also in the genre once on a album and brotha lynch hung started it and they also did tracks its for humor if for those of you who arent easily offended

  2. Be very careful with HIP HOP it is a demon I had it casted out of me in JESUS CHRIST name…this goes waaay deeper…check out my testimony on my page it may help anyone who does not understand… I highly recommend even to check out The Truth About Hip Hop dvd's by EX Ministries…

  3. The good news is that Scripture isn't slowed by a feelings based culture. The feelings are a means to an end. Like my preferences in classical and metal, I'm often listening to the melody over the lyrics as a motivator. Calming to motivate relaxation, and intense to motivate activity/exercise. This feelings based approach to culture may in fact be that. A motivator. My desire in impacting my culture is to demonstrate how scripture motivates me to enjoy life rather than complain about it. It's not popular, but it does make an impact to those in today's culture who are still capable of observing it.

  4. the wicked shall be in the lake of fire. the lake of fire is much worse than hell. even hell itself will be cast into the lake of fire
    Revelation 20:14
    And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

  5. next time please disscus can a God be not all knowing . coz jesus said only the father knows the hour. which means holyspirit does not know the hour. holy spirit must know it if he is one with the father God. but jesus did not said God. he specified father God only.

  6. how can i ask a God that not all knowing . he maby does not know what i am asking for. i mean holyspirit. if he is one with father God . i will ask only the father God dirdirectly who is all knowing. 💭

  7. just subbed bro. i love listening to people chop it up about good topics and hold themselves to a solid apologetic…..if you like hip hop check out beautiful eulogy(humble beast records) and jeremiah dirt. God Bless yall!


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