France AWAKENS 2019: Weaponized Bank Runs Incoming

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Comment (32)

  1. According to 'Which?' a consumer magazine here in the UK, around 2900 high-street banks have closed since 2015. I come from a thriving seaside town with a busy tourist economy which in recent years has extended right through the winter months. In December, the only remaining bank in town closed down. Residents, including the many elderly folk, now have to take a long bus or car journey to use banks in the larger towns. When I consider this development in light of the constant push towards electronic forms of banking, and recent credit card companies entering the political sphere with punitive intent, it's clear to me there is an agenda to establish virtual credit (Virtue Credit) as the only form of legal tender. If you are never able to actually physically withdraw your money, the money is never actually yours, but rather a digital social allowance with which you may perform many of the same transactions as cash, but only those prescribed by the globalist elites who control your Virtue Account. Your balance can be adjusted according to your virtue (obedience) or deleted all together should you commit a serious transgression such as Wrong-Think, or heaven forbid, Hate-Speech.

  2. AfD is controlled opposition. There is no political solution until a party emerges that does NOT support (((them))). Sweet talking about Israel is a clear sign of a traitor.

  3. Rothschild!
    Where have I seen that name before?
    Ah yes, of course: The name Lord Rothschild appears in a list of people involved a a group called Secret Elite.
    Founded by Cecil Rhodes during the latter part of the 19th century, this group also include first Edward the Vll, then his son GeorgeV, also Whinston Churchill, Prime Minister Asquith, and a few select Americans. These group plotted the downfall of Germany in starting WW1.
    This group still exist's today. They call the shot's. They need to BE shot! 😉

  4. It's about time The French are coming around, this is about Anti -Globalizim, ending there idea of a million points of light ,as W Bush use to say one world government ,the only way is to END THE FEDERAL RESERVE

  5. Every last single one! ‘Root and branch’ the whole bloodline!, confiscate every last penny and erase the ‘Hoth wilds’ from the planet for the wars alone they have funded and the ensuing millions who died and the misery that caused.
    Erase so they may never ever rise again.

  6. people here asking for militant police and gestapo style stuff… No, no, that's not how you rule a country. To rule the people, you shouldn't be feared by the people but respected. A politician needs to be charismatic, calm and always bring out good points and point out issues that need fixing. If the people fear you, they will try and destroy you.

  7. There's a lot i could say, since i live in france, though i'll try to keep it simple and straightforward

    French people are very self-aware, at least the ones that are considered the working class age (30 to 40 i think) and some of my own generation, there's many many content creators such as BPS that proven that to me which i wish i could share if it wasn't for the barrier of language
    for anyone that knows french enough to understand it, i suggest to see channels that focuse on vulgarising subjects….. can uh…. i give names if it's not a bother ? 

    In case of the revolt itself i'd say that while it was basically necessary, seeing the rules behind the elections are not that great, seriously the only power the people have is voting which applies to like what, 10 times a year ? that's small compared to switserland where there's like 400 or something i think, it's for each new law that'll be applied and it seems to work pretty well from what i've hear, seems like an actual democratie, seeing it's supposed to be the power to the people

    Anyways, going back to the revolt, in my opinion it will just keep more problems pilling up if there's no reforms and actual changes, while i'm all for it, it's not by realising a problem and making noise about it that it'll make the futur better
    bring solutions, talk and share, i mean it's basically philosophying 101 to me but if we could avoid censorship or the lack of attention for these kinds of subjects and talk it'll just keep the masses away from a none thinking frenzy which will be self-destructive

    that's my take on the matter, on that note hope my little rant had some utility and i'm looking forward to catch one of your live show BPS (if i manage to) and have a good time on your side of the world everyone 'v'/

  8. And now the leftiefascist terror starts again…. It about time to finish the left or we are steering into the next war… And this one would be worse than anything we've seen before…

  9. I hope Europe explodes into another War I really do. The Elites and Globalists have gone to far again. The problem with this is world is a five letter word “M O N E Y”

  10. The prudent will be buying and holding Silver now. 1 ounce Silver Maples from Canada or Silver Eagles from the US are an excellent investment. How much is that paper or plastic in your wallet really worth?

  11. In Oct of 2019 Here in Los Angeles the gas station I use went from $3.45 to $4.10 in less then a week and then in Nov. it fell back to
    $3 .50 December same . So I wonder if they were gonna jack the prices up here and seen what is happening in France then
    decided to hold off . Some might say they always lower prices at Christmas time or Dec, and that is true some of the time
    but in 2006 , 2010, 2013, 2015 December on average the price of gas was higher .
    Nothing to complain about compared to the fucking they are getting in Europe.

  12. the large banks did this on purpose here in america to force the government to recognize the "federal" reserve which isn't even a federal entity; it's simply the big banks grouped together. the banks dropped hints of them not having enough money to go around and everyone became scared and made a run on the banks; which didn't have their money on hand and had to hand out IOU's bringing the nation and the people to it's knees. it was a well thought out plan to steal power from not only the population but from the american government as well.
    everyone has conspiracy theories on whom killed J.F.K.; tbh it was the banks. as president he was trying to return america to a silver based system that backed our dollar, which would have smashed the banks power….mysteriously he was killed just before being able to do so, and his running mate tossed out that executive order. now the banks control the government due to them having control over inflation. if the "federal" reserve wanted to they could bankrupt america and move on to a new nation to steal everything from them.

  13. If it wasn't Trump in office I would want to do the same here. Just to mess with the globalist banks and fraudulent left wing politicians. But My President is doing a good job. If he could somehow castrate the damn demon rats.


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