Dodgeball is Oppressive

The Washington Post actually ran a story about a group of Canadian academics that have discovered that dodgeball is actually an oppressive and dehumanising tool of the patriarchy.

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  1. The entire curriculum is being geared toward shy muslim girls, because that is the only demographic that is excelling in the Canadian education system. It's over. The west is over. Stop trying to help, it's futile. Those of us that understand that need to distance ourselves from these people before we get dragged down into the whirlpool of this sinking ship. Abandon playpen! Abandon playpen!

  2. Looks like the cult of intersectionality have demanded another fun game be banned… why I am not surprised, frigging facistic authoritarians. Why do these institutions pay these cultists?

  3. Was the "researcher" named Peter Boghossian? This sounds way too much like the dog rape "study" from last year. I bet this is one that slipped through undetected lol. Anyone else get that vibe?

    Edit – never mind. The grievance studies had much more convincing data, making their conclusions at least plausible.

  4. What idiot kids said that they hated dodgeball? I wasn't super athletic as a kid, but dodgeball was my favorite game in P.E. Most kids I knew growing up loved it. The only kids I knew who didn't like dodgeball were the kind that shunned any kind of social interaction.

  5. We attack other around the waist to stop a person from scoring for their team so its oppression.. tackling a person to get the ball off them is oppression. Grabbing a ball from another and stopping them from putting it through a hoop is oppression. Wearing a boxing glove to punch another person wearing a boxing glove is a form of oppression…. Playing tag as kids is oppression as you chase down people and single them out…. What makes an expert an actual expert??? Do you just label yourself as an expert or pass an expert exam????

  6. Once again, let me apologize for my fellow countrymen's idiocy. I don't know when Canadian IQs went down so dramatically, but I can only shake my head and apologize to the rest of the world.

  7. Sargon: We didn't really have dodge-ball here so I don't know the rules, but I assume when you get hit you're out.
    Me: No Sargon didn't you hear? When you get hit you're annihilated.

  8. Sargon you rip on people for being classist and snubbing their nose at people who do basic labour, then compare mentally ill sjw's with starbucks workers who are people doing basic labour.
    Im just pointing out that its likely as frustrating as people who tell you to get a real job and stop making videos on the internet.


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