Dear Jo Brand

They seem so easy to hate…don’t they, Jo?

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Jo Brand’s Hate Speech


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Comment (35)

  1. Carl, this is the most important video you have made, I sincerely hope that many people see this and really think about what is happening in the world, my respect to you sir!!

  2. This will be a great example to cite during any more street talks you do, Sargon, since people love to bring up your joke. See how many people you can get to take a solid stance on jokes and free speech.

  3. Jo Brand was not only being a disgusting fat pile of land lard, she was factually wrong. She said that in your tweet that your said that your might rape Philips. Surely that is some sort of slander?

  4. Man, those brave souls screaming “Nazi scum” in the streets until they lose their voices are really what’s turning me more into a progressive every day. You really can’t argue with it! I mean, who likes Nazis, amiright? Please, don’t label me! I don’t know what I would do if you call me a name!

  5. The BBC are becoming the Picture of Dorian Gray. 
    Once great, attractive and interesting, but for years now deep in the dirty and it'll all come to an end for the BBC soon enough.

  6. The globalist Lucifarian pedophiles want chaos, misery, and hate. They take glee in you wasting your time trying to explain anything to them. Until our government and police condemn them, we will lose.

  7. is it any coincidence that she looks like she already got hit with battery acid? sorry to be crude but I feel she deserves a taste of her own medicine.

  8. "Why throw something that could be easily cleaned off when you can just throw something that could possibly murder them as it eats away at their skin"
    *canned laugh track plays*

  9. I would love to follow you on Bitchute however it has been banned in Australia, and as someone who served my country in Afghanistan this makes me incredibly angry. To know I volunteered to protect another's persons right to freedom and then watch my own freedoms slowly being watered down for the sake of security is disgusting.


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