CROWDER CLOSES: Low Expectations Destroy You | Louder With Crowder

Steven Crowder slaughters the “you’re perfect the way you are” sacred cow, explaining how the low expectations you set on your life are actually ruining it.

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Comment (45)

  1. Crowder, you don't have to change my mind, you speak my mind as this is something that any normal human being should be capable of: Handling the real victories and handling the losses. If you can't handle those things in life, you will not get far.

  2. I hope the department of education is listening to this. kindergarten and on. Probably should be completed by parents then handed up to the schools to carry the message on. ✌️

  3. Correct. Im in the top 1 percent of smartest people in my city and I've done nothing but have my mother set an a as a passing grade and a B as an eh tty to fix it. I never studied extra or even tried and this kind of scares me. That I can be so "smart" without actually being so.

  4. You know what’s funny? People make fun of me for having high expectations for my grades (having High A’s) which doesn’t suck but hey it’s funny that people make fun of you for putting effort into things.

  5. I was going to kill my baby, but decided to give birth and give it up instead. As soon as I saw his big blue eyes, I knew I made the right choice.

    I needed to see the life drain from those eyes… I needed to know he was dead. I left him on a table and watched as he died from starvation. It took days. I watched day and night, eyes sore and red. I barely blinked, not wanting to miss the moment. I pleasured myself the entire time, keeping on the edge of orgasm but never letting it happen. I needed to time it just right… I needed to come just as his little chest stopped moving up and down and he gave that final jerk, that final gasp of air, and his worthless life was over. When it happened, I let out an explosive HOOOOOOOOOOONK and squirted all over my legs. Then I sold him for parts.

    honk honk

  6. I had a stroke (at age 47) in 2011. I am probably "damaged goods" because of my stroke. My ex-wife, essentially, threw me out in 2013, because I was no longer "a success object" any longer.

    However, I persist.

    I have relearned how to walk, and I walk every day, weather permitting, from 3 to 10 miles with every walk I have.

    I have more than a little bit of Aphasia (my vocabulary goes away some times, I choose the wrong words, I say stupid things on occasion), which makes it difficult to interact with people.

    I work on my own car: replaced the high pressure power steering fluid line, changing my own oil, replacing the heating/cooling fan in my car.

    Yes, I now have a mediocre life, now. BUT, I still interact with people. I interact with people at the supermarket, at my local Chik-Fil-A store, and the "Taco Shop" (hey… sorry, I like these food). I have (re) learned how to cook real food. I can finally make a mean Ruben, make a Alfredo sauce, make a pizza for a single serving, make my own sushi, and wrap my own burrito.

    My most recent success is FINALLY how to make an omelet (yes.. it is "small potatoes", but I could not get this right until this morning).

    Yes, my life is now mediocre. But it is still a struggle to do these simple things.

  7. Problem Omar and 23 Islamists Senator's and Congressman Infiltration Jihadists Creating the New World Order Islamic State Caliphate Beware Infiltration Jihadists Islam and Sharia law

  8. Thanks for this. My whole life I've felt weird when people have congratulated and praised me for the simplest tasks i.e. graduating high school, doing a job how it's supposed to be done, holding a door, etc.

  9. Problem Refuse to breed and have children so you are Extinct and Must be Replaced invaded and conquered by Islam and Sharia law your choice your fault enjoy your Replacements islam and Sharia law

  10. Man have you hit the nail on the head! the most destructive lies are those you utter so often that you come to believe them yourself, not perception but deception becomes reality! America, the land of pathological liars!

  11. Totally agree,
    this is part of this ridiculous drive to eradicate negativity,
    all it does is encourage you to lie and changes the meaning of responses.
    "That's fine" actually means "it's shit" in 2019.

  12. Yes.. Gratitude.. for god and good work done through strength does medicate the low self esteem. Perhaps as you many other of your guest have mentioned that thought of stoics to begin with the end in mind.. To accept the success and failure all within the narrative of the end goal. Some people set the end goal further than the horizon.. perhaps a place in heaven for instance then because there is no condemnation for those with in chirst jesus.. they look to enjoy the walk. Oh i would like to travel through prosperity a bit.. i shall become.. a (lawyer engineering computer programmer doctor, a electrical journeyman. etc..(four more years and you could have been a plummer.) successful talk show host. (happy but not overly gay.(my is this target on my back. oh lazer point. meow.)))

  13. This was like a frying pan to the back of the head. Thank you for the inspiration. This something that I needed to hear. God bless you and the rest of the crew.

  14. What we need to do is ask God what he has planned for us and ask him to teach us the truth no matter what the cost, remember the cost might be high but blessings will be granted to us. IMHO Love one another and try to live rightously.

  15. A huge part of the problem that is often overlooked is the parents who raised us millennials. While I love my parents and it pains me to say this objectively they were absolutely terrible parents. Growing up my dad was and still is a shallow thinking normie who only cares about himself, even to the detriment to the rest of the family; my mom was obsessed with her career, but at least she tried to be a parent, my dad was more concerned with being a friend while I wanted and needed a strong role model. Growing up I was showered with praise every assignment I handed in, every test I did moderately well on, every step I took, I was praised for simply existing and trying. As you might imagine this lead to me thinking I was a genius who was good at everything so I simply stopped putting in 100% at nearly everything, I coasted, I didn't study, I rarely did homework, because I believed I was to good for it all I was so impressed with my own "genius" I rarely thought about anything other than what I cared about. I did this in grade school, I did this in high school and I did this in college, my average GPA for the latter 2 was a C, which I was praised for. Fun fact about college, if you go to art school you get out what you put in, I put in barely anything and my portfolio showed it when I graduated, it looked like a first year portfolio and yet I was proud to be average, below average even, to this day I am still embarrassed by that reel. Then I had a complete breakdown after entering the real world and realizing to get employed within the field I had chosen(Video game art) you had to be much more than just average, you had to actually be good, which I wasn't so of course I did what every millennial does I found someone to blame. While it wasn't entirely my fault(I grew up in a cult with undiagnosed autism) it was me who chose to be okay with being average, something I now refuse to do. As an artist I challenge myself as much as I can and I make certain every piece is better in some way to the last, but thanks to my childhood I still have a massive problem with motivation. A good example is my writing, I love reading SciFi and my dream is to write a scifi novel which I know I am fully capable of, yet sitting down to actually start, beyond just brainstorming, is incredibly difficult and I often find myself wondering where other artists find such wells of ceaseless motivation within themselves and I envy them. Never be okay with being average.

  16. These videos are genuinely helping me in life. I know it sounds kinda odd but I have a goal in life that is going to be hard to achieve given my political views. I am going into an industry that won’t like it if they find out I believe in low taxes and small government. What I have come to believe is that being a good person and helping people before someone knows of my political views will counter the stereotypes if they do happen to find out. These videos are really wise and inspiring and have made me more grounded in tryin to be that good person as well as shoot for bigger things. Who knows. Maybe one day you’ll see my name in the credits at a movie theater ;). Thank you Steven for the motivation to shoot higher. God bless.

  17. I hated participation awards as a kid. If I wasn’t first, I wasn’t having it. My classmates always called me an "overachiever". Mediocrity in the new creme de la creme.

  18. there is no success without failure. the fact many don't know this and just quit trying whatever it is they're doing because they failed once is avsurd. nobody picks up a guitar or bike and masters it first try. in fact it's 100% failure for the first few attempts. failure is like that burning in your chest/lungs when you're long distance running. it sucks but it's worth it once you've suceeded. failure is just part of it. if you're not failing then you're certainly not succeeding. it's a fear of failure that creates low expectations. nobody wants to take a risky leap so they just walk..

  19. This made me think. Thank you.
    I think I've been "winging it" for a bit too long, and luckily it's been very positive, . . . but I say that again . . "LUCKILY, it's been very positive".
    I will need to sit down and chart this course.

  20. Maybe you should talk about julian Assange getting arrested. Let me guess, you support it and are afraid of the backlash you'll get by talking about it and therefore are willing to ignore the issue. what a hack.

  21. “The impetus that makes you fly is our great human possession. Everybody has it. It is the feeling of being linked with the roots of power, but one soon becomes afraid of this feeling… That is why most people shed their wings and prefer to walk and obey the law.” Hermann Hesse


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