CROWDER CLOSES: How To Deal With Bullies | Louder with Crowder

In the midst of the #VoxAdpocalyse, Steven Crowder discusses what is and is not bullying and how to handle a bully.

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Comment (23)

  1. I'm going to do my part, I'm waiting for Al Sharpton to leave the house and I'm going to squat in it. With his public comments about ownership he would have no legal recourse to evict me since the house has no owner.

  2. Was bullied in elementary school. The fat kid with good grades. Then junior high and football came, and I became a bullies nightmare. Always plaid the fat happy guy from then on. Wore a security badge (because cops have to many rules) and took out the woman and child beating trash. now I am old and broken. So keep the faith Mr. Crowder; I'll stand with you proudly.

  3. The best defense is a good offense and the best enemy is one that no longer exists (legally speaking of course). Break the Dems so badly they cannot recover. Destroy their professors, ad agencies, and corporate media behemoths. Victory is hearing the lamentations of their women and soy boys.

  4. Fight Owen Benjamin. He is bullying you now and calling you a sodomite, dont care if you are. Its not natural to fuck assholes, I did. My wifes and its not right. I was stooped in my the easy access of porn. Fuck in love if you can find it. The ahole should only be for shitting.

  5. Your words are incredibly inspiring Mr Crowder! Much applause! I wish I could help you in your fight, the only thing I can do as a individual is like and share!

  6. I think it situational honestly. If a bully is physical then by all means self defense is the best way to get rid of them. Some Karate or Tai Kwon Do. Or if you learn something about the bully maybe their situation at home or something they went through then you could try to go to them and see if thats the reason they bully, again depending on the person and situation though. If they're just saying names and spreading rumors about you. First, talk to someone, literally anyone. If you don't have someone close that you trust like family or feiends or school staff then go out for a walk and try to find a stranger. Talking it out is the best way to get your mind straight, clear your thoughts. Then once you have it all out deal with the bully however you can. If its a fight be ready, if its a verbal argument be ready.
    On anither note. For me i think there's a difference between bullying an teasing. Some people are just straight up pussies and cant handle a bit of teasing or dont get when someone is being sarcastic. But some people have a good case and they are genuinely being bullied. I dont believe a little teasing here and there is bad. Almost anything can be a joke and okay as long as the other person doesn't get offended or hurt. For me i would say crossing the line with me is almost always physical. Because the saying is true. Sticks and stone way break my bones but word may never hurt me. Some people are just plain dicks. So if you're going to stand up to the bully make sure you got a pair of big ovaries on ya.

  7. Hey Steven, let's show everyone that both sides of the aisle can get along. I am a Liberal. I made a short film where President Trump has a Spiritual Awakening and apologizes to the world. Like you said, if we can handle the pressure cooker then we have a duty to help those who cant, to show them that we can get along and look for progress together. I would love to come to your show and debate with you. I know we will have a few laughs in between and most importantly shake hands in the end. Cheers everyone!!

  8. The left has taught kids to absorb everything like a knife to the heart so they are afraid to be outcast so no discussion happens. Issues like the lack of moral values taught in schools and overall decline in quality of education. The rise in the population of bullies is a response to the overwhelming stress of the current educational establishments and helpless frustration of the indoctrination within.

  9. You’re right if you don’t like something you don’t have to watch, but real bulling’s try and destroy forget that, screw pc politics we’re over their freakin sensitive ! I’m not against anyone, but screw all these snowflakes!

  10. I was bullied all throughout school for the same reason, I'm a loser, (also was called gay and assortment of other things which I'm not but to the point) I have actually tried to kill myself, several times, even a few months ago (I wasn't bullied like I had been in school, just told I am worthless by my parents). I guess I failed because either I actually don't want to die or I'm a coward. I think I can say I'm an expert on bullying, and what Carlos Maza, Vox, Youtube, and the MSM are doing to conservatives right now is exactly that. The whole inter-sectional nonsense may have started out with good intentions but the opportunists are now using it to attack anyone who disagree's with them and using their perceived privileged as whatever they say they are as leverage to actually hurt people (hurting people in the wallet is still hurting people) and are basically social terrorists. These people need to be dealt with, the conservatives and centrists that are being affected can't just sit on the sidelines anymore and allow this to go on, it's not the conservatives way to fight people but it's hit a breaking point where if we don't fight back we will lose the internet. Because there aren't any real alternatives atm and as soon as one pops up, how long until that is co-oped by the radical far left?


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