College is a scam

Bernie Sanders thinks college should be for all. Is this a good idea?

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  1. Everyone seems to blame everything except the universities themselves that jack up tuition prices while receiving a check up front. They don't care about the debt of their students, they care about giving the provosts a raise and hiring 20 new diversity officers.

  2. College loans are a scam. College isn’t a scam depending on what field you want to go into. It’s not a scam if you want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect, research scientist and many other things.

  3. Keep in mind that for every blue collar guy who started his own business and ended up making $300k a year with it, there are probably a bunch more who ended up failing and got stuck in low wage jobs because they didn't have higher education. If possible, it's probably best to go through college or some formal training.

  4. Not going to college has some huge social costs though. With college comes networking, partying, increased contact with women, and practice for independent women. My friends who took the advice of don't go to college are still living with their parents making minimum wage going nowhere.

  5. For some weird reason the same elites who turned academia into a brainwashing camp also turned the academy into a usury racket! Isn't that bizarre? It's almost like a (((cabal))) of social engineering, subversion and exploitation. Weird, huh?

  6. the banksters want everyone to goto college so they can get more debt slaves to sign on the dotted line . line up here goy to apply and get your mountain of debt

  7. I don't think so much that college is a scam the issue should be why does it cost so much. I see nothing wrong with people wanting to learn and improve there lives but I do see a problem with the spirling debt that comes from it. Unfortunately if you want a decent job you still need college. Yes the world needs ditch diggers but like others stated those jobs are going to the people of mass immigration. I suspect your friend got involved in landscaping or cement some sort of manual labor job. While it's good he makes a lot of money I would bet most of his workers are immigrants as that is the only way to compete and make money for himself. In short I wouldn't blame the people but the system.

  8. This same standard of giving everything to everyone ruined the nation's demographics and the housing market.
    They think flooding the country with all these different peoples from the third-world will make it better.
    They think forcing housing loans to "under-served" communities will make things better.
    Instead, social cohesion and trust has been eroded, income inequality has increased and the housing market crashed.

  9. A small clarification…the young man with down syndrome that "graduated state college" in fact received a "Certificate Of Achievement". This is just another example of modern "institutes of higher learning" virtue signalling to the masses by handing Cody Sullivan what amounts to a "participation ribbon" on commencement day.
    Enlightening as usual Ramzpaul, thank you.


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