Change My Mind Google Edition: Hate Speech Q&A | Louder With Crowder

We headed to Google for a ‘Hate Speech Isn’t Real’ Change My Mind thinking we’d find contention. But what actually happened instead really surprised us.

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Comment (49)

  1. Muzzling voices doesn't win hearts and minds. And… if YouTube users only knew how many of their comments are shadow banned… people would be leaving the platform faster than they're leaving Facebook, etc.

  2. I love the fact that real people showed up and asked some great questions. When you get out of the liberal infected areas (universities, media, LA, etc) it seems like real people are actually pretty normal.

  3. That guy with the metal shirt I couldn't read…. I'm a metalhead myself and seeing everyone in the metal community be a liberal just really discourages me. Like or comment if you're a fellow conservative metalhead!

  4. When did Alex Jones get big exactly? I'm from Austin also, so I remember him from 20 years ago on public access TV, and then all of a sudden everybody's heard of him and he's big on YouTube, but when did that even happen??

  5. This is getting lame.
    Will Crowder ever actually debate people his age? People who prepared for a topic as much as he had time to do?
    Why not go to a climate conference and debate scientists?
    Or actual philosophers on morals etc.?
    Really, really weak sauce what you do. Says more about Crowder than the people he choses to "debate" in these segments.

  6. Hate speech is real, but the definition has been watered down substantially. Hate speech should not be outlawed either. The klan and actual white supremacists perpetrate hate speech. People that endorse real terrorism and real discrimination perpetrate hate speech.

  7. What happened to Jared what happened to Sven the computer what's happened all the people who were loyal to you. If nothing can you say publicly that they are free to speak whatever truth they would like to speak where are there not disclosures going to keep them from ever talkin


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