'CHANGE MY MIND' FOLLOW UP: Pro-Choice Student Returns

Steven follows up with Yara, who sat down at the most recent Pro-Life Change My Mind event. They discuss her experience in the fallout and whether or not she regrets her decision.

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Comment (41)

  1. Here a student from our most recent “I’m Pro-Life: Change My Mind” returns to talk about her experience, abortion, college, and more. What do you think are the most productive aspects of these kinds of discussions? Let us know in the comments!

  2. She sounds like me when i got pregnant. I believed i didn't have a support service. I didn't get an abortion but, i had a rough pregnancy. When i asked for help, my family wasn't there. At least the dad of my child was there. It's been tough on both of us but, it made our relationship stronger.

  3. @Yara Marie, would love to see you document your thoughts and things you learn about. I think you would be surprised how many people are interested in what you have to say.

  4. When I hear these conversations I've never heard anyone say to women that their problems could have been avoided by keeping their legs together. I always hear how justified or regretful they feel in their decision, but nothing about the behaviors & decisions that got them there in the first place. Its like people talking about being in an auto accident & saying they should have turned left instead of right, not realizing that it could have been completely avoided if they had not looked down to see who texted them.

  5. I am adopted, so I am very lucky not to be an abortion statistic. Even though I disagree with her choice, I am very proud of her for coming back to have a productive discussion. She walked away from the initial discussion and actually reflected on the conversation instead of being hard-headed and blocking the whole conversation.

  6. Well, I'm a Catholic and thank God I didn't have to go through that stuff, but lot of my friends did, I felt their struggle then, and I feel their regret today.. Knowing You, Steven, stand on the same ground as do I regarding a life starts at conception, don't get this as an attac.. But, for example, You.. If You are married and find the love of Your life, Why don't You start having children since it's the very essence of being married. I remeber You've talked, before Your health issues, that You are scared to bring a child to this world… Please don't take this as an effence..But I don't see that much of a difference on Your and hers reason for not having a baby… If You are trying and not being able to have one, I'm so sorry and forgive me for ever saying this..

  7. I thought this was going to be inciteful. All I heard was a girl wallowing in self pity trying to play the victim card. She realizes she put her personal business, which I agree is brave, out for the world to see but didn't expect the backlash. I have no respect or sympathy for anyone who can selfishly murder their baby.
    Because she had no self respect, then ignored personal responsibility, a baby was murdered. She knew the risks, she knew all options. She now wants sympathy for this 'hard situation' she went through.
    Not interested in watching someone trying to rationalize the reason she murdered her baby.

  8. Wow…I have to say I watched the original change my mind with her and I kinda liked her. She made poor choices in life…who hasn't, but you could tell she wasn't a bad person – she was reasonable and articulate.

    I like her even more now, she's clearly not a bad person, I kinda feel bad for her and hope she isn't getting too much crap online.

    Nice one, Steven.

  9. OK, I am conservative and I disagree with abortion. I am one of the people that stood outside the clinic and handed out pamphlets and talked about options. I would NEVER dream of saying anything harsh or mean to the women going into the clinic and I NEVER did…

    With that stated. This young lady is AMAZING!! I appreciate her willingness to follow the truth "regardless of the consequences". Yara is also just completely adorable and makes me feel encouraged for the youth who are coming out of college. I do not agree with her previous stance on abortion, at all but I have nothing negative to say about her personally at all.

    I will be checking out her art as well.

    Steven Crowder needs to follow up with this young lady. She is worthy of further ventures in her opinion.

    Also, shout out to her mother, she must be quite a good woman as well.

  10. I LOVE the Change My Mind segments. I can't wait until they come out.

    (Though I am pro-life myself), I have HUGE respect for Yara for coming back on the show to discuss the segment. The follow-up conversations that stem from the CMM segments, I think, are SOOOO beneficial. It's great to hear people's thoughts after they've had time to process the conversation. WAY TO GO, YARA!!! Thank you for your bravery to come back on the show.

    And thanks LWC for continuing to do these segments!!!


  11. This shit is way to long.
    I agreed with this woman the first time. I'm stopping at 7:36 on this video.
    Hopefully she lives a great life and doesn't hold her Obortion over herself forever

  12. Well after watching the segment when it was released, she was very unlikeable and none of her arguments had substance, but everyone in the comments seems to think she's the opposite now so I guess I'll watch this one through lol

  13. Good on her for stepping up to the plate originally and for coming back to talk about it. Even though she seems like a "nice" girl, she committed a terrible act and publicly defended it and advocated for more of it. I know she'll regret it for the rest of her life, and rightfully so. You can see she's slowly backpedaling away from abortion . She'll have 3 kids and be pro-life and voting conservative by the time shes 40 but it wont fix what she did. Ill give her credit for having the guts to enter the argument and coming back to talk, but in my opinion, she's still an immoral person.

  14. I disagree with her. However, I thought she handled herself so well. Sorry anyone sent any hate. She had the discussion. She didn't lose her mind. Her thoughts were clear. I disagree with her points…but I thought she was great. As real discussion. She is a young woman of courage


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