Censoring Christmas Songs

A radio station in Ohio pulled a Christmas oldie (Baby it’s Cold Outside) from its playlist because some people could be offended by its lyrics.

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Comment (27)

  1. More pussification of our culture. Long gone are the days of men being assertive. So many sound so unsure when they speak. Every sentence sounds like a question. Men sound like little teenage valley girls these days.

  2. If you have ever been to Seattle… you know that the ugly leftist bitches are out there.  They are all of the mentally ill witches who should be under nurse Ratchets care in a mental institution.  But the doors of bedlam were opened a long time ago weren't they… and now this. A connection… you be the judge.

  3. I wonder if there is a way to get "I am woman hear me roar" or "Girls just want have fun" banned as a retaliatory measure.
    The autistic on 4Chanpol need to start working on it.

  4. The true reason they want to censor these things is not the lyrics, it’s that it’s Americana. It’s white, Christian, and traditional. Much like the Boy Scouts. It meets all three criteria’s for destruction. The lyrics are just an inroads to destroy it. An excuse


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