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David Wood and Sam Shamoun LIVE (9:30pm Eastern Time)

Tonight at 9:30pm (ET), David Wood and Sam Shamoun will be LIVE, taking questions about Christianity and Islam. Muslims are especially encouraged to participate! source

Mohammed Hijab and Allah the Man-God Part 4 (8:00pm Eastern Time)

Muslim apologist Mohammed Hijab doesn’t know that Allah has literal body parts. In this series, David Wood and Anthony Rogers explain Islamic theology to Hijab by quoting Islamic sources and scholars. source

Strasbourg Terrorist Chérif Chekatt Is Dead (But His Ideology Lives On)

On December 11, 2018, a young Muslim named Chérif Chekatt shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he opened fire at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France, killing three, leaving one brain-dead, and wounding many more. On the evening of December 13, Chekatt was killed by French police. David Wood discusses the issue. PATREON: PAYPAL: TWITTER: […]

The Strasbourg Christmas Market Massacre (and the Cowardice of the Media)

Muhammad said, “I have been made victorious with terror.” Nearly 1400 years later, jihadis continue to strike terror into the hearts of infidels. On December 11, 2018, a young Muslim named Chérif Chekatt opened fire at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France, killing and wounding many. Meanwhile, Western media sites such as the BBC and […]

Is TB Josua a false prophet? (Update)

This video addresses the popular TV evangelist and alleged prophet Tb Joshua of Emanuel TV. After my previous video critiquing his recent prophecy about the death of George H W Bush, many of his follower said that I ought to give him another chance by taking a look at his sermons, and then I would […]

Does God Send People to Hell?

Join us at: To help support this ministry click here: This video speaks for itself. Hell is more than most people realize. Sources: Whatever Happened to Hell? – John Blanchard The Sickness Unto Death – Søren Kierkegaard Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis The Great Divorce – C.S. Lewis God in the Dock – […]

How to Stop Prison Radicalization (Anyone Can Do It!)

Click here to download and print my new “Muhammad and Aisha” tract: European and American prisons have become a breeding ground for terrorists. Is there anything we can do to stop prison radicalization? In this video, David Wood shows that confronting the prison jihad is surprisingly easy! PATREON: PAYPAL: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: […]

Why False Prophets Are So Destructive (TB Joshua & George H.W. Bush)

This video is a response to a video by popular “prophet” Tb Joshua on Emanuel TV. The video claims the following: Listen to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s call to prayer for God’s intervention as he saw the death of an ex-president from outside the country that would happen soon. “For some time now, I have not […]

LATE NIGHT LIVE (2:00am Eastern Time)

Since I’ll be up all night with my kids tonight, Vocab Malone and I are going to go LIVE at 2:00am to chat with anyone who’s still awake! (And there WILL be some post Wilder-Fury fight commentary!) Here’s a printable tract on Muhammad and Aisha: PATREON: PAYPAL: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:… MINDS: […]

READING MEAN COMMENTS (Christian YouTuber Reads Mean Hate Comments)

This video launches on the 1 year aniversary of the Whaddo You Meme?? youtube channel. To celebrate, we read mean comments from the haters, who helped our channel grow over this last year. Support our videos on Patreon (thank you!): Or Paypal (thank you!): Or PayPal: Merch Store: Ricki Gervais Debunked: […]