Brexit Has Been Betrayed

To take No Deal off the table is to remain under the influence of the EU forever. It’s time to get involved.

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  1. >>voted to reject master
    >>getting jerked around by jester
    >>ability to self determine own existence realized
    >>read history books for examples on what to do with rogue government dickheads
    >>pass around the collection tray for cost to rebuild government administration buildings after the old ones are torn apart by 1 million people with hammers each taking a chunk and mailing it to piece by piece to EU leaders with a selfie of senders stuck up middle finger
    >>divide up anyone in old buildings into equal pieces also included in same box
    >>tell business to trade goods with those that want to trade with them
    >>tell EU that nobody gives a fuck about what they want in regards to attempts to govern people without the consent of the people
    >>emphasis and remind them about what happened to those who were recently governing the people even with consent but failed to do what was expected of them
    >>declare 51st autonomous US union state of England and have trump build artificial island military base and massive shipyard industrial complex just offshore and construct the capacity to endlessly send both flying and naval drone military war machine at the fuckers like a conga line.

  2. No deal is best deal. Trade deals will quickly be negotiated with countries; in the meantime, there are existing international (WTO) standards. Plus, the rest of the world's markets open to Britain on a country to country basis between individual countries.

  3. Parliament is a ship of fools. Most countries pay for their independence in blood, sweat and tears. All that was asked of Parliament was to carry out the will of the people, and for everyone to share in a slight economic bump in the road in exchange for FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE. And being an eu member state in no way guarantees economic prosperity, any more than being outside of it guarantees economic hardship. so they denied the people their voice, they betrayed the Nation, all to avoid an economic downturn that might have happened. the ruling class doesn't respect the people or democracy for that matter. dark days

  4. Sorry to say it mate, but I really think this influx of people joining UKIP is too little too late and the formerly great Britain is fucked; you've an impotent Crown, an utterly court establishment government, colonies of jihadis balkanizing your country and waging sexual terrorism against your women while Identitarian cops play thought police, and you don't even have guns to stage a revolution with should the sham of voting rights become even more of a farce than it already is.

  5. I will never understand why the British Parliament seems to think they could not exist alongside the U.S, Japan, and other countries not part of the EU.

  6. I made a bet with a British friend that there would never be a brexit, and it's looking like I might win that bet. Just a gentleman's "I'll buy the next round" bet, but still… I'm not going to enjoy winning that bet. It's just that I knew you never would get it. You'll never leave the EU for the same reason Trump just gets attacked mercilessly from all sides.

    It's not what our handlers want, and they'll never give up. Maybe it's time for Britain and the US to bring back the hangman and public torture/executions.

    At least we got Trump in the White House. You got… May. My condolences.

  7. You know, on this topic. I can't stand John Oliver. He was on the Daily Show in the States and now has an HBO show. He is not funny, at least as far as I'm concerned. He has done three specials on Brexit. One two years ago, one one year ago, and another just about a month ago. And the word special doesn't even begin to describe it. There was so many falsehoods and misrepresentation in it, I couldn't even sit through it.

    So, here, for your suffering. #Yourwelcome

  8. Well this shit on my day. From what I've gathered though, this disgrace of a vote isn't legally binding, whereas our leaving on the 29th is (Unless given extention).
    What happened to our country paving the way?
    Why are our MPs, the folk that represent us, wanting to be lamb for the slaughter?
    Wish I could be there to protest. Fingers crossed that we pull through this.

  9. There is no voting needed to leave the EU. There never was. Only the will of the people is needed.
    EU law never superseded UK law.
    And the people have spoken.
    In 2016. They even voted to make sure it was what they wanted.
    Go Britain 🇬🇧!

    From the USA.

  10. This issue is about a breach of trust. It is about the governed and its governors. It is now in high relief that the government does not consider itself bound by social contract with its people. This dither and delay is the smokescreen put up to blur the central fact that in Britain there are rulers and subjects. Such legitimacy as the Parliament has held for centuries is no more.

    For the British people to presume they reside in a country guided by democratic principles is now displayed as illusion. The greater, autocratic EU is being sought as master by the Prime Minister of the British nation. She would turn her people into servitors of European regulations without a voice in making those rules.

    Mrs. May continues on her separate errands. How to turn Britain over to the EU. How to make it seem she's not doing so. That she had to. How to act as if public opinion matters when it does not. How to sound less anxious than she feels that the public will come to see her government's treachery. And then act. Hoping they do not.

  11. What do you do when the State refuses to follow the Will of the People?
    "When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them…"

  12. Good luck. As an American cousin, I hope your leaders come to their senses and put the interests of their constituents first, taking the best option remaining on the table. The EU refuses to offer an equitable split, so a "no deal" Brexit is the only sane option remaining.

  13. Why, in God's name, is this Corbin fellow, who reminds me of Neville Chamberlain, in any way, shape or form, allowed to speak for Britain? Seriously, you guys across the pond need to tell the EU to kiss your ass, and not pay them a penny.

  14. As an American I wish the best of luck to all the British people and I am sympathetic to the pro-Brexit camp. Dare I say it, it's almost a shame the Queen doesn't have MORE power in a situation like this to force changes in the diplomatic team or to Parliament. Across the pond I think the USA has benefited from a strong and separate Executive branch in handling international relations in many cases. Being handcuffed by a near traitorous Parliament seems like a nightmare.

    Please anyone go ahead and enlighten me, as my knowledge of British politics and government structure is somewhat limited. Another parallel I see from American History is our struggles and successes of dual sovereignty — just as British Citizens are (or were) also EU citizens, Americans are citizens of both their state and the USA overall. Where I think the American system is superior is first, our constitutional protections for state's rights and second, some semblance of a national identity from its founding. Compare that to the complete lack of national EU identity ( as much as Junckers et al are trying to create one). I hope more Europeans wake up and recognize the federated continental government they've created is NOT democratic, but instead has created a new ruling elite that is sapping their national and individual freedoms.

    Sadly the biggest state's rights fight in the USA ended in the Civil War and over half a million dead. I sincerely hope and pray a successful independent Britain are within the near future. Perhaps a reformed European Union is attainable as well. Any strife, even a fraction of what my country went through 150 years ago I would not wish on anyone. So ultimately my sincere sentiment is for a new birth of freedom for the individual people and nations of Europe. Good speed and good luck.

  15. @Sargon of Akkad Looks like it’s time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of the remainers. Remember, violence is the supreme authority from which all other authority is derived.

  16. Summon the one thing the EU fears most. The Nigel Farage!!! Bring back the Farage, bitch kick Theresa May out of government, she's obviously weak, and quite possibly a traitor.
    Send the Farage to the EU, they say you can still hear the cries of fear of EU politicians. Just mentioning the Farage, sends EU politicians running for their safe spaces.

  17. I am sorry to be the one to bring this up Brexiters… but this is what you voted for.
    The UK is not special. It is just as poorly mismanaged as pretty much every other European country. How else did you expect this to turn out?

  18. This has gone far too far. I bought into project fear and unfortunately voted remain, due to not researching enough. Having researched, watched your vids and many others, I've opened my eyes and seen the disgusting state the UK is in currently. Keep up the good fight, Carl. Democracy needs to win in the end; get rid of the traitors and their "deal" – we don't want to be vassals. We want to leave with no deal already.
    Finally decided to join UKIP.


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