Breaking up is hard to do

Thoughts on Trump’s presidency.

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  1. Anti-whites are pushing so hard and lots of normes are being red pilled. We can never give up defending our heritage we have built across the millenia. Bad times create strong men. I will not forsake my ancestors who died for our people.

  2. Don't forget, about 53% of the country consists of libtards. About 80% of the media and education industries consist of libtards. So considering that, I think Trump and his administration are doing quite well.

  3. Ramz is like so many narcissistic trump supporters who never 'got' him but could go along as long as they could attach their own ideas to him

  4. Ramzpaul, as always, you are spot on. America is done for. I hate saying it, and I hate believing it even more. But I refuse to ignore the demographic decline and sleepwalk into oblivion, pretending that some form of civic nationalism or "blexit" will save the country. I am a Canadian and I left my country ten years ago when I saw how the once beautiful neighborhood I grew up in had, within a couple short decades, morphed into something that resembled Bangladesh.

  5. I’m still voting for him he’s better than a person of color I honestly believe he just wants sheckles and people to like him if we kept the same intensity and we were out protesting everyday on the border and didn’t feel like winners after 2016 then he would be doing more

    We must blame ourselves before we blame trump we knew wat we were voting for if we keep his feet to the fire we can get him to worry about the wall and not executive orders about being nice to faggots across the world

  6. Let’s say Rand Paul had won; where would we be today? I think we would be in a different frame of mind as a country, but Rand would be opening the border too. He’s a libertarian, so he’s in favor of free movement. Instead of fighting about immigration, cause Rand would uphold the UN plan, the country would be fighting over the budget. Socialism and Communism would still be popular on the left, we would still be bombing the Middle East, the environmental and social-justice movement would still be front and center, and media would still be waxing about Hillary’s loss.

    I think the dystopian future is pretty much a lock now. The best thing to do is prepare for it. There’s no way out; it was already too late by 2016. People needed to wake up 20 years ago.

  7. Trump was always a big phony. It's too bad we didn't have a real person of character to say the things that only Trump would say. You shouldn't be surprised to feel betrayed.

  8. The ship is half sunk. Were not gonna get all that water out even if we could repair the hull. Hit the lifeboats and focus on the next task. Exactly. Plus, Magatards dont do anything but run their mouths and get their asses kicked by bugmen in masks; theyre annoying – even sjws agree on that.

  9. This is too harsh. Trump has been opposed by the bureaucracy and by his own party from the day he announced his bid. Think of where we would be right now had it not been for GOP clowns like Ryan, McCain, and Sessions. I am not going to walk away just because of all the snakes in the Swamp. There is still time for Trump to come through. Let's wait and see what happens before clutching our pearls.


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